Hwanhee & Hwayobi Past

26 Sep

Posted by Paravel
Soompi Page 15

QUOTE (yourdaddyy @ Sep 25 2008, 04:02 PM) *
I youtube’d her right after watching episode 25 and you’re right, she has a beautiful voice. some koreans try to sing in english & it doesn’t sound really good but I find that hwayobi sings in english very well.& Wow, I didn’t know they knew each other before WGM. well, I should have known, considering they were comfortable with each other right from the start.

HwanHee and Hwayobi obviously knew each other no doubt about that smile.gif. That’s why we’ve seen how comfortable they are. They’ve been to a lot of shows like x-man etc. Plus Hwayobi is very close to Brian, so it means she is close to HwanHee too, they have the same circle of friends. When we watch their WGM episode they look more like bestfriends and room mates rather than married couple because you can see their closeness right away.
I hope they stay so that we can see their relationship progress into something new, they’ll be interesting to watch and who knows what’s in store for us from these two.

It’s hard to assume this early how would their relationship would go because their interaction in that WGM episode was merely in friendly basis not a love angle per see. But it’s good enough that HwanHee said that what he was doing is out of interest. In the black room interviews you can feel Fany’s sincerity and obviously he was impressed with Hwayobi w00t.gif and I’m sure he has a high respect for her as a person and as an entertainer.

He’s looking for somebody who’s nice, compassionate and understanding. Now, who possesses these qualities to become Hwanhee’s new girl?

If HwanHee is looking for someone who’s nice, compassionate and understanding, well so far Hwayobi is the best candidate for that. But we don’t really know what type of girl he likes the most! We have to wait for their WGM episodes and we’ll see smile.gif

Below is a clip of Star Golden Bell with Hwayobi and Brian on it, you can feel their closeness. It was aired May this year. Watch it till part 6 smile.gif

After watching this it makes me think, what if it’s Hwayobi and Brian was paired up instead of HwanHee? For sure it’s going to be very hilarious. But I like it that she was paired with Fany, the two of them being a total opposite makes it more interesting because despite HwanHee’s mean behavior I still feel his gentleness towards her. biggrin.gif

The MC ask Brian if in this world there were only Hwayobi and Yoon Soo Young left who would he marry? Brian said he knows Hwayobi’s personality so he said if he had to marry he would choose Hwayobi. It’s really funny how he complimented Hwayobi. If you have’nt seen this, please watch it because it’s really shows that Hwayobi is close to Brian and that sums up why we saw how close HwanHee and Hwayobi on WGM.

Credit to vinchenzo79
Star Golden Bell Ep.184 (051008) [Eng Sub] pt.1
Star Golden Bell Ep.184 (051008) [Eng Sub] pt.2

Thinking of this reminds me how she said the black part of her painting represented her sinful heart or whatever, LOL


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