Yobi called Hwanhee & Hwanhee Past Love

26 Sep

Posted by Qi _Luo
Soompi Page 15

This one was with YDH earlier this year, she looks so different, here she was pretty and thin and she mentioned HwanHee’s name during the interview. She said before she undergo vocal surgery she asked Fany first for advice because he had vocal surgery before. Who would have thought that they’ll be married (at least on the show) after a year or 2???

It’s really a small world after all, one day she’s asking him advice about vocal surgery, the other day she ‘married’ him.

After I saw the interview with Hwayobi on Yoon Loveletter I remember of one interview with Fly To The Sky:

FTTS _YDHloveletter 010606 part 1 (eng sub) :
FTTS _YDHloveletter 010606 part 2 (eng sub) :

Here’s the english translated transcript of an old interview (from 2006) with fly to the sky on Yoon Loveletter. I’m posting only the part where HwanHee talks about marriage/relationship with girls:

Old Interview – Fly to the Sky on Yoon LoveLetter 1/6/06

H: Host
HH: HwanHee


H: As I remember, at that time, HwanHee, you told us how you would have a girlfriend before you went into making the album but we would brake up during. Is it the same way now?
HH: I don’t have a girlfriend for a while now. But to this day, when I’m working, it just happens that way. When I’m working, I just don’t answer my phone.
H: You don’t answer the phone when youre working?
HH: Yes. So it’s hard to see each other and they want to kill me.
H: If you had a girlfriend, she would hate it. They would ask, is work important or am I important.
HH: That did happen.
H: What did you say?
HH: Work. It did happen once.
H: You said that work was more important.
HH: Yes. I have to work to make money and get married.
H: Oh, you have to work so you can eat delicious food and go to nice places.
HH: Right.
H: You can buy nice presents, so you have to work.
HH: Right, so be patient and wait or leave.
H: You still feel the same way about it now?
HH: It’s not like I want to feel that way, but it just happens. That’s why I feel sad.
H: If you continue being that way, you won’t have a girlfriend. I don’t mean to speak ill of you… but sounds like no one will like you. You should learn to tell little white lies.
HH: I plan to do that, to be that way.


translator: gina
credts: ginaya + DBSGTVXQ33 + youtube + soompi

^^ LoL HwanHee is strict…
“be patient and wait or leave”
“When I’m working, I just don’t answer my phone.”
HwanHee’s has a strong personality! ehehehehe But I think he’s right.
If the girl started dating him she should know he would be busy so she should be patient at least.

More HwanHee Old News/Info:
Who was Hwanhee’s special someone?
Source: Pop Seoul
Published – July 14, 2007

Did you know that Hwanhee wrote the song “Trivial Love” (가벼운 사랑) in remembrance of his ex-girlfriend from two years ago? Of course, this bit of news is a tease since he’s never ever going to reveal who this special someone was, but many are speculating that Hwanhee’s special someone is his “Angel Young.”

In the “thanks to” section of FTTS’s fifth album, Hwanhee wrote “Angel Young. Thanks for everything and I’m sorry” (천사 같은 영. 모든 게 다 고맙고 미안해). He also wrote “My angel 0, I’m always thankful and I hope that it’ll last forever” (내 천사 0 언제나 고맙고 감사하고 영원하길) in his sixth album. Hwanhee must have really loved her, but the good news is that he’s currently single. He’s looking for somebody who’s nice, compassionate and understanding. Now, who possesses these qualities to become Hwanhee’s new girl?

His messages to his ‘Angel’ (I suppose it was his girlfriend at that time) was very sweet.

The song Hwanhee’s wrote supposely for his ex, “Shallow Love/Casual Love/Trivial Love” is the 14th track of FTTS’s 7th album.
Here’s the translation of the song HwanHee wrote the lyrics:

Fly To The Sky – Shallow Love (Feat. Hyun Moo and TKO of Trespass)
translation by: Claire (also credit: aheeyah.com)

I don’t remember talking about love or goodbyes
That moment of hesitation is time to forget about you

You pretend to be sad, to be hurt; don’t worry, I’ll let you go
You must have welcomed this goodbye

You loved me, but your love was too shallow
After letting you go I feel so weightless
My memories are right, you’re easily forgotten
I’ll find another you
My feelings for you have cooled
Step by step we separate, toward an easier love, an easy goodbye
Behind the back you’ve already turned

The change in your tone
The change in your gaze
Even your weak explanations; did you think I would excuse all that?

I thought you said I was too sensitive
You snubbed me with words like that
But today’s goodbye only causes me laughter

You loved me, but your love was too shallow
After letting you go I feel so weightless
My memories are right, you’re easily forgotten
I’ll find another you
My feelings for you have cooled
Step by step we separate, toward an easier love, an easy goodbye
Behind the back you’ve already turned

Isn’t this story over now?
Why? Why are you coming back now?
My time with you is weightless now and flies to the sky
Any other time was better; even now I regret it all
If you’re thinking of changing my mind please just go
Leave before you look cheaper

I regretted it as much as all the tears you’ve spilled here
As much as I loved you
My wounds lie deeper; your returning to me is a deeper betrayal of my broken heart
Feel the pain of a broken heart; I’m already sad so let me go
I’ve been hurt by love, so just leave me alone

You call from time to time
Asking if we can start over
Your restless love
Only invokes my pity; I only feel sorry for you

(My memories are right, you’re easily forgotten)

I’ll find another you
My feelings for you have cooled
Step by step we separate, toward an easier love, an easy goodbye
Behind the back you’ve already turned


6 Responses to “Yobi called Hwanhee & Hwanhee Past Love”

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  2. sqd66 June 29, 2010 at 4:00 am #

    this was the song Hwanhee had yobi listen to for their episode where they had to write a couple song. After reading the lyrics I can understand why Yobi was saying she was hoping for a different type of song…she is a romantic and he is a realist-tough guy type. Men actually usually don’t get it when it comes to understanding what the woman wants so HH was being quite normal lol!

  3. Filo February 16, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    Any updated news bout them? *-* or maybe they’ve forgotten eabch other? If i was a producer i would make a drama b4sed 0n their story since wgm and add happy ending @_@

    • Beautifoolrhapsody February 17, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

      For updated news about them please do check the main page where you can visit Hwanhee & Hwayobi fansite ..where updated news are posted there.

      Sadly, till now they have yet to collaborate but i guessed they are still friends.

      Surprisingly, I was watching a Kdrama called, “City Hall” with the main lead Kim Sun Na who played a funny/ dorky character like Yobi and the male lead character like a “bad namja” like Hwanhee and there are some similar scenes..like photo taking/ camping/ feeding dinner scene. It was like dejavu watching those moments. You may want to catch it on mysoju.com or viikii.net

  4. beautifoolrhapsody August 9, 2009 at 8:09 am #

    Hi amber..thanks for the visit. Enjoy our Hwanyobi couple memories here. Dig out some unseen footages scripts too and goodies :).

    Sad to note, now Yobi is dating Sleepy (from the rap duo Untouchable). She announced their relationship in March and claimed that they started dating in Jan/ Feb it seems. As for Hwanhee, i guessed it will always be a hush hush abt his dating life.

    Yobi is out with her new mini album now & Hwanhee will be out with his first solo album soon. Supposedly August or maybe later.

    Like u’ve mentioned, if there is life, there is hope. The future yet to be untold maybe.

  5. amber08 August 9, 2009 at 6:48 am #

    any updates for this ex-couple? or they are leading their separate lives. yobi is happy now i think so butis there any chance they coulb be ogether? le’s cross our finger for that. afterall if there is life, there is hope. yobi is kinda slimer now so maybe hwanhee would look at her way everytime she passes by…………………wow what a nice site this is. thank you

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