Episode 36 Musing

4 Dec

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 54/ Post #1063 & #1066

Have re-watched their cuts so many times, and i just had to comment on these parts(translation credits to muish):
HH: You never eat much when you’re with me…Do you lose your appetite when you’re with me?
HY:Nope because I’m nervous…we’re still newlyweds
HH: If you’re still nervous as newly weds, will you eat the whole thing out of this when we’re middle-aged? Just saying, husband, eat…
well, they are newlyweds indeed, but hwanhee is already envisioning their future together? I dunno, but I’ve never heard of other couples talking about their future together.

I also like the part when Hwanhee said something to the effect like “will he be able to keep up with Yobi’s pace?” He really was listening intently to what Yobi was saying; I believe there is willingness in Hwanhee to make the effort in the relationship. It’s great to know they are having fun as well, and that Hwanhee is doing his part too, one step at a time. And need I say, He just said “I like you” to Yobi?

Anyway, here’s our lovely couple attending the 14th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards in 2007. Little did they know, they’d be getting married a year later…

Reduced: 76% of original size [ 668 x 612 ] – Click to view full image


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