Episode 37 Wedding Photoshoot Summary

7 Dec

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 56/ Post #1114

Today’s episode is…

AWEsomely !!!

I couldn’t actually find words to type now…as still digesting those AWE SWEET moments. For this episode..besides listening to HWANHEE’s Words….do watch out for the HUBBY’s eyes.

Part 1
HH was waiting for Yobi at the Hanok while watching Yobi Music Space performance. He was watching her LIVE as she was performing. SWEET.
I just lurve the “realistic” concept of their part. After the performance, Yobi called HH and ommo..HH smile after the call.

The hubby was watching this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fMCxQL76c8…feature=related

Part 2

At the wedding studio…the AWE look you saw….and the endearing words he used to call Yobi..OMOOOOOO….someone guarded self seems unguarded this week. Yobi looks BEAUTIFUL…HH looks CHARMING. They both look AWESOMELY GREAT. During the photoshoot….do watch out for the hubby’s touch, eyes and lips..and I love HH’s presence for this episode. His goofiness..his teasing…his eyes when he is in awe. The hubby is moving forward with his subtle “playful” style that makes Yobi glows…woohooo.

Part 3
At the hanok in their traditonal clothes…they were resting/ lying down and again teasing each other. Of course, the “Kissing scene” where they have to bite on a “date” and someone is directing it..and someone appears shy.

I am blushing and feeling e happy rush while watching this epi...

Need to breathe again nowww….WOOHOOOOOOOO


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