Wedding Photoshoot Musing

8 Dec

Posted by lilshOrtnancy
Soompi page 58/ Post #1154

Hope nobody minds if I post some of my fave pics from their photoshoot.

First pic as nampyeon and jagiya

He has his arm around her waist

I seriously LOVE the way they look at each other

nampyeon’s sweet glances (when he’s not making funny faces at her)

Why is he sniffing her hair so intently?  LOL.

So funny how Yobi is usually the one initiating, but when it comes to actually getting close to Hwanhee she’s so shy!

The Lovely Couple~

UGH. Another week of torture. Why are there no previews?! Are they cutting out the previews to cut down on production costs now? Is the next episode a continuation of the wedding photoshoot too? I haven’t seen the old couple’s 100th Anniversary so I don’t know what happens after the photoshoot. Would someone like to fill me in?


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