Wedding Episode Musing

12 Dec

Posted by Carribeanne
Soompi page / Post #1237

just some random observations…
you know the part where Hwanhee was supposed to kiss just next to her eye? It was so sweet but they didn’t show the final shot of it did they? at least in the episode it wasn’t shown =( anyone seen the final shot of it?

ooh and the part where he made the joke abt her washing her hair in herbal medicine^… he instinctively put out his hands to ward from her hits (haha these days she keeps “beating” him whenever he teases her =) but this time she just laughed heartily (what a happy sight! =) and didn’t hit him lolz. *out of point here, but the tiara’s so cute*

wow and the part where he put his hand at her neck during the jujube(somehow where I’m from they call these red dates) shot, guess what the photographer didn’t say that he had to do that, just that they had to gaze into each other’s eyes… but on his own accord he did it! ahahaha *ahem ahem* =) and that ear-touching thing was super suspicious

yup and the no blackroom thing was pretty suspicious too… hmm was it really cos they did the intro of the whole epi that week? i dunno. if that’s true then the PD must be calculating airtime for each couple and dividing it up really strictly. i’m really curious though. haha perhaps the photoshoot itself was eloquent enough, pretty smooth, happy epi without any tricks, pranks or shocking surprises =) it sure was a great ride, with Hwanhee thoroughly enjoying it =)

As for the 3months thing for the new season, my interpretation (not sure if it’s correct though) is that they’ll finish this season, start the new one with Marbi as well and new pple. the new season is a 3 month thingy so… when does this season end? I assume around Jan or so cos that’s when the Ant couple are leaving. so if the 3 month thing is true, they’ll leave prob early April *sad*. I sure hope that since they will be a pioneer couple on the new season, they’ll be the permanents while the new additions can be the 3 months pple. or else it’ll be sad. Well, let’s just enjoy this ride while it lasts… the months ahead are so full of promise – special next week, their concerts & his album out end Dec, his bday in Jan & hers in Feb! a great line-up of events that will surely mean exciting opportunities for our dear couple (hopefully, if the PD doesn’t mess up =)


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