‘Dog Poopie’s Residence’ Hwanhee-Hwayobi Same Day Concert Clash

13 Dec

Posted/ Translated by Ga_Yeon

Soompi page 64/ Post #1263

‘Dog Poopie’s Residence’ Hwanhee-Hwayobi Same Day Concert Clash
Korean Economy Newspaper December 12th, 2008 05:33 PM

MBC’s Variety Show Sunday Sunday Night-We Got Married (aka WGM) Hwanhee and Hwayobi are preparing for a romantic night.

Hwanhee and Hwayobi will have a concert on the 27th. Hwayobi will be holding hers at the Seoul Dongdaemoongu Gyeonghee University Hall themed ‘To 2009 Hwayobi from 2008 Hwayobi’. Hwanhee will be performing at the Seoul Gangnamgu Coex Convention Hall with the theme ‘2008 Good Concert of Three Men’.

Hwayobi’s Management Company Glow Works Entertainment “The WGM fans want to see the joint concert of the R&B couple and might feel a little sorrow but Hwayobi’s concert is worth anticipating for.”

“Hwayobi’s concert will be a great one and there are good plans.” “The will be special guests at the concert.” said Hwayobi’s management company.

On the other hand, Hwanhee will perform a concert with fellow Fly to the Sky member Brian with Kim Jong Kook.
Digital News Team Kim Shi Eun Writer showtime@hankyung.com


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