‘Dog Poopie’s Residence’ Hwayobi, Hwanhee Suprise Wedding Pictures Unveiled

15 Dec

Posted/ Translated by Ga_Yeon
Soompi page 64/ Post #1279

‘Dog Poopie’s Residence’ Hwayobi, Hwanhee Suprise Wedding Pictures Unveiled
[Newsen Writer Lee Mi Hae]

Singer Hwayobi has revealed the pictures that she and Hwanhee have happily taken together.

Hwayobi revealed these wedding photoshoot pictures on the 13th on her Cyworld Minihomepage with the subject entitled ‘Very First TiMe’.

Hwayobi said,”Hwanhee took those picture like he had experience but I was like a newbie, Photographer Jo Chul Young was like a movie actor that was dynamic and charismatic. We took pictures with him but they were cut from the show. I have done this wedding photoshoot for the first time in my life but the two men made it comfortable and have made a lot of effort.”

The Hwanyobi couple took these photos for their 100 day wedding anniversary and WGM broadcasted the bickering parts of the photoshoot.

Some of the comments that the fans wrote are: “So Beautiful! MBC must use a convex lens” “It is good to see the photos that were not aired on TV” “Hwanhee and Hwayobi match very well as a couple” “I am happily watching WGM~ Please show many great moments with Hwanhee oppa” “The pictures have a shine to them.”


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