Episode 38 Musing

16 Dec

Posted by Madgeopo
Soompi page 65/ Post #1300

They started the episode being shy (notice when the photographer leaves) and ended rather purposely shy (after they sang their couple song)….

Short? Very.
Fun? Hwanhee was hyper and the song-composing was such an experience. Still, Hwanhee can’t help himself from teasing Yobi esp. the part when he was singing “Something Like That”, he immediately behaved after that stare from Yobi. hahaha
Skinship? The hand on the knee (I missed that, will have to re-watch the clips again), but, if you’d notice on the first scene when he was playing with the fan and threw it on the floor, then he kept on blocking yobi’s hand from getting it? Oh, was that an excuse to hold her hand?

It was refreshing to see how they composed the song. The image of Yobi and Hwanhee listening intently to FTTS’ song would show you a glimpse of the artist in them and how they take their music seriously. But they were surprisingly quick, harmonious and so “in-tune” with one another. I just love how Yobi’s soulful voice blends well with Hwanhee’s riveting voice.

It’s kinda nice that we’re starting to see them becoming more comfortable and at ease with each other. We all know Yobi’s a kid at heart, but Hwanhee is beginning to let her in, let his guards down and act all goofy yet charming her at the same time.


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