Hwayobi..”I want the couple song to be romantic.”

16 Dec

Posted by Ga_Yeon
Soompi page 65/ Post #1293

Hwayobi’s interview: I want the couple song to be romantic.
When it comes to music, I want to be sincere.

Hwanhee’s interview: I have never met a person that had a matching tone timing as me.
The song ‘Endless Love’ was kind of weak.
Now I really feel being part of a couple and the song is for a couple.

Hwayobi’s second interview: First of all I want to hide
Since my nickname Dog Poopie went in, it turned into a funny song.

Pluie: You are killing me and maybe some others here!!!
Gosh why did you have to post the picture of the Jja Jang Myeon and the Tang Soo Yook?
It looks really good and I want some!

More information about ordering Korean Style Chinese Food:
Hwanhee asked Hwayobi to get fried mandoo (korean dumplings) as a service.
Service means that is free of charge and it is a nice things that some restaurants do.

Hwayobi ordered Yuni Jja Jang
Regular Jja Jang Myeon is bits of pork, onions, potatoes and other vegetables with a black bean sauce.
Yuni Jja Jang is made with ground beef (sometimes pork added too) with onions and no potatoes.
If you want a double order for one person it is called Go Ppae Gi Jja Jang Myeon.

When you order Jja Jang Myeon or anything else at a Korean style Chinese restaurant you get pickled yellow radish for free. (Hwayobi asked for a lot of Dan Moo Ji– Korean yellow pickled radish)
Also Jja Jang Myeon is also served with pieces of raw onion and black bean sauce and cubed radish kimchi.

Side dishes are free at Korean restaurants but you pay for the entree that you order.

Just like pizza delivery in the States Korean Style Chinese Food is delivered to your door like the Hwanyobi Couple.
You leave the finished dishes outside of your door and the delivery guy comes to pick them up later.
Cool isn’t it?


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