Episode 39 Summary

21 Dec

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 67/ Post #1340

Another very short epi…

Our couple received a mission to make a Couple Photo Tree and they planned a storyline of “DOG POPPIE LOVE STORY” on their “self-cam” photo shoot. from their first meeting, first date, first fight, first KISS and first Christmas. It was a cute love story. There were “KISSING”, HUGGING snapshots but the PD chose not to show that part of the of the photo shoot..and disappointingly the HUGGING..TICKLISH PART was not shown.. wacko.gif .

Scene ended with them giving a present to each other..HH gave Yobi an earmuff and gloves…and Yobi tricked HH into wearing a couple necklace. Our couple really looks good together and dear wife Yobi is really glowing and looking really pretty in this epi.

I really hope for a better natural flow episodes from our couple..there have been too much PD interventions and with their short airing and cutting on their natural development…it makes our couple looks duller. With the skinship they had during the photo shoot…there were definitely plenty hot melting moments..but what good reason does the PD hv to cut it ?

Sorry..my summary sounds dull today smile.gif..as their epi cut is getting shorter and shorter that before I can watch it with any “flowing” emotions..it has ended. Probably, it wld be better watching it with sub. Especially, disappointed that the “TICKLISH” part was not shown…aish. What is the PD trying to do ?


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