Sweet Episode 39

23 Dec

Posted by Caribeanne
Soompi Page 70/ Post#1393

hi just watched the subbed cuts for epi39. thanks so much to Dr J for translation and rickimargarette for subbing it! God bless you girls for sharing your time and talents with us all! =)

was a great epi “short & sweet” i try to comfort myself, though the length of their airtime deserves a ticking off of the PD! 11 mins is way too stingy. still they did their best and it was a rewarding epi =) haha i grinned at how Hwanhee didn’t say anything, but smiled happily (couldn’t help it i guess haha) when Yobi said tt his pressie was so cute and that she was grateful. He was awfully imaginative too with all those make-belive scenes they had. I must say, these days they seem so much more at ease with each other, actually enjoying the whole process of things. and hehe Hwanhee was kinda disappointed that Yobi bought the couple necklace/rings cos “I shd have done it 1st” haha he wanted to be the one buying the couple stuff =)

I loved the wedding screen thing. It was beautiful and so creative too! *wedding ideas for the future heh*


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