The “Kissus” Moment

23 Dec

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi Page 70/ Post #1386

I do have plenty to say about this scene so my apologies if my post will be long. Promise it will only be this time…

The Kissing moment happened so fast that I didn’t noticed it until my third viewing (thought my eyes were deceiving me). I firmly believe that Hwanhee stole a kiss from Yobi in this scene! *heart fluttering*. He clamped Yobi’s face using both his hands in the guise of angling her face properly, so I guess Yobi didn’t realize what was coming. By the looks/angle, I am making a wild guess this time he reached for Yobi’s neck/ears??! I think Hwanhee didn’t think the second cameraman will be at the right angle to record this bit. Hwanhee was so cool and suave about it for the sake of the front cameraman that he continued giving Yobi more instructions on how to do the scene as if the ‘misdeed’ did not happen (haha). He didn’t try to steal more kisses unless it becomes too obvious *winks*

Did he really ask to do the shoot one more time? *giggles* He probably wanted to enjoy having Yobi in his arms for a bit longer. Kissing opportunities are very few for them and I guess Yobi was also too shy to do the scene again.

Also, did they try to coordinate their clothing’s color for this particular scene? I will admit, Yobi looks pretty, HAWT and confident in her short skirt & boots. It’s the first time she showed more legs to Hwanhee in a long time (remember she’s either wearing her pajamas or thick leggings when with Hwanhee). The ant tour was so long ago. Yobi wearing swimwear won’t happen anytime soon…

Although it’s a loose hug, I love the hugging scene as well. Notice Hwanhee’s hands were tentative on Yobi’s back and so does Yobi. The two probably became too self-conscious again of each other after doing the first shot where the hubby stole the kiss. We’re assured however that there were tickling moments after this pic shot was taken. *damn the PD for cutting that part*

Yobi’s delight after receiving her husband’s gift is just wonderful to watch. I believe it’s the first gift ever given by Hwanhee to Yobi. I can’t recall anything that Hwanhee had ever given to Yobi. The crispy chocolate during the ant tour does not count lol. Oh I am so thrilled they now wear the couple necklaces. Owowww more cause for me to day dream of great days ahead!

Watching Hwanhee & Hwayobi on this scene made me remember a quote by Shakespeare.

There were other episodes too when this happened to me: their honeymoon scene when they both sang, while in the motortracks and Hwanhee asked Yobi if she’s scared, the wedding photo shoot where they were in the couch gazing/smiling at each other… all simple but poignant scenes, it’s like they’re in a world of their own. It really is so sweet.

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