The relationship between Yobi and Brian

25 Dec

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 71/ Post #1417

Here we go for TODAY’S GOODIES!!

The relationship between Yoby and Brian…

Last May they both were guests in the program named ‘Star GoldenBell’
during the recording Yoby had fall down in a faint .
The one who lifted Yoby up in his arm and took her to the quest room was BRIAN!!!after that episode Yoby called BRIAN her PRINCE CHARMING
BRIAN said that he was quite content to hear it..
Sis..Did you know that BRIAN’s it girl seems to be a nice gentle and sweet girl?
he dosen’t care too much about the appearance…sweet right?
But destiny rode Yoby to hwany!!!

and Yoby’ had always a wish to hear her boyfriend singing
on the phone ‘drunken truth’song,
during the ep ‘Making couple song’lots of people thought Hwany was about to sing that song…
but he took a return and finished singing yoby’s song ‘that happen’
(may be we’re just fancing but what! haha)..this is what you wanted to know,Miera?

Finally here goes today’s sweetest GOODY

I saw the VD on YtB the last ep subtitled..
The subtitle was great!! I don’t think I could translate it better
though I’m korean .;;;
DR J did it,right?…I wonder if she’s a korean?

but there’re tiny little words missing which have giant meaning!!!
those words are spoken by Hwany in a low voice
and Yoby was speaking at the same time
so quite difficult to hear.
Do you remember sis… that part when yoby gave couple necklaces?

when hwany said ‘woah pretty..should I try this on now’
he said a bit more…’woah pretty..should I try this on now? will you put it on to me?’

and then Hwany put it on by himself speaking
‘It’s time to be a couple ”I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO IT FIRST BUT YOU DID IT’
(Mean he had plan to buy couple rings)


HE SAID’ ‘I was supposed to do it first but you did it .I GET UPSET’

see the difference sis?
Apparently he was quite serious when he got the present according to what he said
it’s a tiny sweet diffrence right?

This is my christmas gift for all of you..
Bye and happy christmas and happy New Year!!!


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