Welcome…Leandrosxxi: 1st Goodie

25 Dec

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 71/ Post #1409

Hi.. Miera….sis I’ve registered and found you
I’m the one who had informed you about real fact of the hwanyoby’s dating rumor.
Already guessed who am I ? haha
very nice to see you here!.

Here we go for today’s goodies about Hwanyoby.
There’re some possibilities that they’re going to appear
at the MBC Entertainment Award this Monday.
(I really hope they’re singing there together T.T)

also is conformed Andy and Solbi will join there
for the first time after their separation.

Hwanyoby filmed yesterday with guests in their house.
The guests are the actor, Kong HYung Jin( appeared in X- Man) and
a basketball star who is hwany’s very intimate friend.
(Hwany plays very well basketball),don’t know if brian came.
They ‘re also seen in a park near their house.(not comfirmed what they were doing)
and there is a rumor that they’re going to sing together o something close to that.. in a music institute.(will be great!!!)

And today has released Yoby’s single title song for that Drama calls ‘Star’s lover.’
that’s all for today!

see you soon when more goodies come out,
I’ll be here inmediatly.
Bye and Merry Christmas for all

P.S Hwany and Yoby have lots of friends in common ,they ‘re all singers.
before they met in WGM they knew each other , but not quite well.
And other relationship they’ve got was when Yoby had the throat surgery,
Hwany introduced a good surgeon to her,
the doctor was hwany’s when he got the surgery before Yoby.


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