About Yobi at Fly to the Sky Concert

27 Dec

Posted by Peniston
Soompi Page 73/ Post #1446

1. Hwan’s comment to Yobi in his concert.
– Brian: Where is Yobi?
-Hwan: She’s in her own concert. We have to earn money together.

-Brian: Have you ever sung ” 취중진담( Telling the truth when drunk) to any other girl?
Hwan: Then, I was bitten to death for Dog- dung.(개똥)

2. Yobi surely didn’t know about Hwan’s visit. sHE was surprised a lot to see Hwan.

3. Don’t know whether wam camera was. Some said it was not for the shooting because of MBC strike.
Gallers said that if it was for broadcast, we were happy to see their concert. Not for the one, we were
happy since the couple are seeing privately. What a positive interpretation!!!!!


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