Episode 40 Summary

28 Dec

Posted by Miera
Soompi Page 74/ Post #1468

On a sad note…WGM started abt 20mins later but ended at the same time with Hwanyobi couple and Ant couple shared 24 mins of the airing time..sad.gif. So do your maths..how “longgg” was Hwanyobi cut. ISssshh i really don’t know what is the PD thinking.

WGM EPI. 40 Updates:

1st part…
Yobi was cooking and Hwany was decorating the photo tree. It was really nice. Yobi fed HH while he was decorating the tree. Yobi was not satisfied with her cooking but it was sweet of Hwanhee to praise and keep telling her it’s good.

2nd part…
Having dinner at the living room and they checked their messages..abt 145 messages and Dambi left a message.

3rd part..
They had a spa time in their hanok. Heart to heart talk about Yobi being worried about her concert..i think. It was cute Yobi was teaching HH how to dance Hyori “Go Girl”..haha HH looks so gay dancing..funny and cute.

4th part…
They had a “warmth” conversation outside of their bedroom. The PRESENT ?? I think Hwany actually checked out Yobi’s hompy and saw the winnie the pooh and friends background and bought it for Yobi. He has arranged it on e mattress to surprise Yobi went she entered the bedroom. His thought for this gift was sweet..and to think he actually checked out her homepage..like learning about her. But i wld want to see his better surprise..haha..Yobi is just sweet to be so touched by that. I especially like the way HH smile and look when Yobi entered the room and when he heard Yobi’s voice when she saw the present. Just look at his face


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