Yobi’s Concert Goodies

28 Dec

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 73/ Post #1454

Here’re some more detailed reviews of both Yoby’s and Hwany’s concerts.

All the informations are from DCINSIDE.

This wreath was sent from Hwany and set at the Yoby’s concert room entrance

It says ‘Good Luck with concert Geatonga(Yoby), from Hwany’
Yoby sent one for hwany’s too.

Well at the concert Yoby’s voice was just great and awesome.
(sis… remember.this was Yoby’s first concert after the throat surgery)
and Yoby looked just hansome and gorgeous

All who went to the concert are agreed that Yoby was not fat at all.
She looked very beautiful!!!

She was more than great at the concert in many ways!!!

The concert was consisted in 3parts performances ,
at the beginning there was time to have a video message.
Hwany appeared on that message!!!

He called Yoby Our Yoby several times… he said.

I watched her always working for the concert
cos we are sharing the same practicing room ,
Yoby worked really really hard,
she practiced so much that she was close to be fainted.
I’m very sorry I couldn’t be there
but I hoped everybody at the concert had a great time.
Please, do love her .

then btw the terms Yoby had time with fans to have some conversation
a fan asked to Yoby ‘HOW ABOUT HWANY?’
her answer was…..

Hwany is a man,he’s a wonderful friend
I don’t know how to end all this,
but right now please keep watching us with love

after the 2nd part of the show before the beginning of the 3rd.

Suddenly the wedding march was played,
Yoby really didn’y know what was happening.\\
Then Hwany appeared!!!
Sis… cheers! laugh.gif

He had got different hair style,some kind of pony tailed hair.all his forehead opened .

he said

‘ I came here running after my concert
cos I felt something was missing…
…not watching her at the concert.
So I came here To Cheer her Up’

People asked them to sing together but Yoby stoped them
cos Hwany has another concert tomorrow.

then people asked them to hug!
they hesitated a bit…
Yoby was quite shy,
but then Hwany went to her and Hugged Her .
They both looked naive but at the same time,
it seemed that they rely on each other very much

then Hwany went out without saying anything,
Yoby spoke to Hwany’s back ‘Without saying good bye? eh?’

but he just went as always .
So Yoby said more ‘I’ll call you later!!’

then said to the fans
‘My hubby is always so COOL…’

in the 3erd part She sang mostly american pop song,jazz…and
when she sang with chorus ‘you raise me up’ she rocked!!!.

During the Hwany’s concert, (HE LOOKED SO WELL)
he was having a conversation with Brian on the stage
they were talking about drinking because of the holiday season..
then talking about the song ‘DRUNKEN TRUTH’
Brian asked Hwany if he’d ever sang this song to a woman
(He meant apart from Yoby)
Hwany’s answer was…
If I did GeatongI(YOBY) would kill me for real!!!

Another Cheers..Sis


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