Hwanhee and Yobi Talk Time at FTTS Concert

29 Dec

Posted/ Translated by Ga_Yeon
Soompi Page 75/ Post #1497

Hwanhee: Here is me and Yobi Together
*fan yelling*: Gaettong unni~ You look so pretty!
*holding hands* (How about me Hwanhee lol?)
*The both of them take gifts from fans*
Hwanhee: Yobi made a special appearance today! Why don’t you make a greeting?
Hwayobi: Hello everyone this is Hwayobi.
Hwanhee: Yesterday she had concert and now she has a sore throat but she still came here.
Thanks for coming.
Hwayobi: You came to my concert too…Thanks for that.
Hwanhee: You are nervous
Hwayobi: Oh yeah I forgot this is not the broadcast.
I was nervous because you are all people that love my husband.
Hwanhee: Are there any couple that same.
Oh now I see many.
When I see those couples I realize how make believe we are.
We will live a good life.
I know that you ladies when you see me..
Hwayobi: I know that feeling.
Don’t be shy I am fine.
Hwanhee: People asked me how I was going to introduce her and I was going to introduce her as my wife.
Anyhow, she is my Gaettongie.
Please say something if you have to.
Hwayobi: You look handsome today.
Hwanhee: So when you see Yobi in person..
Fans screaming: Pretty! Pretty!
Hwanhee: You are just trying to make her feel good.
Hwayobi: What’s with that tone of voice?
Hwanhee: Your clothes today..
Hwayobi: Why
Hwanhee: Our fans are spending the last moments of 2008 with us..
Let’s give a greeting Imja (imja: Owner or honey/darling)
Hwayobi: There are fans from different places in the world like Hong Kong, Malaysia
Hwanhee: Yes there are fans from Hong Kong Malaysia.
Fans: Japan! Japan!
Hwanhee: Yes all different places.
*Hwayobi speaks Japanese* (I am only trilingual: Korean, English, and a little bit of Spanish but want to learn more languages than that)
Hwayobi: In 2008 I met Hwanhee and I was working. In 2009 I will be more hardworking and not get criticized.
Always be happy and healthy! Health is the number one thing! The Economy is bad right now…
Hwanhee: *interrupts her* We are at a concert right now Brian and Jong Kook Hyung are waiting.
Hwayobi: Save up lots of money!
Hwanhee: Please give a applause to Gaettongie..Yobi
*takes off jacket* It is hot in here.


3 Responses to “Hwanhee and Yobi Talk Time at FTTS Concert”

  1. Kos September 19, 2013 at 3:13 am #

    Oh, god, I can’t find this video. I love them so much until now.please help.

    • beautifoolrhapsody September 30, 2013 at 3:31 pm #

      Hi Ko 🙂
      Here’s a part of the video –

    • beautifoolrhapsody September 30, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

      I miss them too and will share if I find the video 🙂

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