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30 Dec

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi Page 78/ Post #1545

Hello everyone! This has been the most amazing week for us, Hwanyobi fans. I know some of us are still on our cloud nine euphoria – the out of breath, dreamlike, can you believe this is actually happening kind of experience. I had to stop for a while, relish the experience and immerse myself with the love and happiness that is Hwanyobi. Sorry guys for the delay in posting. Carribeane sis, had the same jaw-freezing experience as I couldn’t wipe that wide smile off my face while reading the last 3-4 pages of this thread.

Indeed, there is much to be said about their concert visits, duets, and latest episode on WGM. Their presence in each other’s concerts means a great deal – we all know the odds of them being on the same stage or even attending it were great – but it happened. Some would say that it was all for WGM’s publicity, but for what it’s worth, it was a huge effort to make. It was an act that would at least validate their importance in each other’s lives. They were both extremely busy with their concert preparations, but the fact that they made it a point to squeeze in a little bit of their time despite their exhaustion and busy schedules means a lot. That is an awful lot of effort to make if it only were for WGM, but they did it, and became each other’s source of support. I likened those concert visits to a trip – the kind that you make to the other side of the world just so you could spend a few hours with the person you love. And what do we know, that trip they made was so rewarding because we discovered how much they are both loved as a couple by their respective fans. I was overwhelmed by the warmth shown by Hwanhee’s fans towards Yobi and on the other hand I am delighted by the well-wishes and support of Yobi’s fans towards her nampyeon.

Their “In Love With You” duet was powerful. Yes, there was distance, there was awkwardness, but, there was a rich exchange of impressive voices, shy glances, wide smiles and undeniable chemistry. Yobi was a sight to behold at Hwanhee’s concert, when she was walking down the stairs, Hwanhee was like a mortal waiting for the godess to descend from above . He was just blown away that I think he lost himself there for a minute, he didn’t know how or where he would hold her, he hesitated for a bit and eventually placed his hand behind her back to escort her on the stage.

With regards to their “Endless Love” duet, i think Hwanyobi fan put it perfectly – it really was not a matter of the magic cooling down, it was more about the kind of event they were attending and the people who were in attendance. They were among professionals, contemporaries, peers in showbizness – it was an awards show and not a show about them. I know that we were all wishing that the sweetness we witnessed at their concerts would pass on during the awards show, but I guess it was really difficult to do that under the watchful glare of the media, besides it would have seemed pretentious if they acted lovey-dovey when they were just so awkwardly shy around each other the night before. Don’t worry guys, they are just keeping it real.

Now, with Episode 40, it was short but sweet. I love it. Wow, all of Yobi’s efforts did pay off. Not only does Hwanhee realizes his wife’s charms, he’s now courageously voicing out his admiration for her. He is slowly showing his loving side by willingly praising her cooking to make her feel good; he’s becoming more attentive by wholeheartedly giving her a gift that is well-thought of and something he thinks she would like.He seemed really happy that he was able to make her happy. And for the first time, he mentioned about his awareness of other men’s admiration towards his wife – are we seeing Hwanhee’s jealous side too? It was such a thrill to hear those words from Hwanhee, it was spontaneous and unexpected from him. I’m just so happy to witness Hwanhee’s growing attraction, adoration and affection towards his wife. I guess this development from Hwanhee is perfectly put to words by this quote: “It’s not that we fall in love with such people because they are immensely attractive, it’s that they seem immensely attractive because we’ve fallen in love with them.”

Last but not the least, I would like to thank the superb people who keeps the fire burning in this thread. Thanks to the translations from Dr. J, Penny (Penny, welcome to the thread  ), and Lean sis (thanks Lean, great job by the way). We are also lucky to have Rikki sis who painstakingly and meticulously does the timing, editing and subbing of our WgM eps and Crazsri sis who tirelessly and laboriously uploads vids so we would be able to watch our Hwanyobi vids. Homini coopersuki also did a great job with the subbing. Of course, we also couldn’t do without the steadfast and constant updates, pictures and MVs from dear Miera sis (whose musings and MVs I love), Pluie, Lilshortnancy, Chickenwing and the many others (my apologies if i left out anyone) whose words, observations, and plain hilarity never fail to make us feel good.

cheers everyone and have a happy new year!
p.s. sorry guys for the super long post. got soompi deprived for days haha


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