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30 Dec

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 77/ Post#1531

1. FTTS CONCERT YOBI AND HWANHEE’S DUET: Thanks to sis Lean/Miera for the egg channel link. I’m happy that I can watch the duet.

Anyhow, I am still dancing to high heavens since I viewed the clip for the Nth time.  I demand more duets!

As their first duet on stage I had imagined they will choose a soulful R&B love song. ‘In Love With You‘ is a ballad from the 80s (please correct me if I am wrong). I can only speculate as to the song’s significance to be chosen as the first love duet that they should perform together. But my thought is it’s Hwanhee who is more familiar with the song by the confident way he sang it *i do hope that it’s really significant reason*

It’s thrilling to see Hwanhee waiting by the foot of the stairs to meet Hwayobi as she walked down, then lead her to the front stage. His action reads like he’s been handed a precious & fragile gift. The very shy smile he gave off as he presented Yobi to the audience is so endearingly like a young boy’s showing something special. The cool, suave persona disappeared! *giggles*

How did both become so shy of each other, I wonder? nerves got them? or something else? *giggles* Yobi got a bit distracted too. hehe, she very slightly missed to come on time for her part after the fans in unison shouted: Gaetongi. She’s nervous I can tell. Where is the diva of the previous night? *winks*

Also I can’t fathom why they were standing so far apart from each other. I was relieved though when Hwanhee gestured for Yobi to come closer. Both again gave shy smiles. The duet’s video is a keeper just for the treasure of watching their faces.  The stage persona that both usually use as singers/performers isn’t present in this duet. There is just pure joy in their singing that both can’t hide.

Their vocals has always blended very well and even on a pop-ballad their vocals came out heavenly. Hwanhee wasn’t over-powering on his parts while Yobi is just sweet in this song–sweet & bewitching. I sense Hwanhee modulated the power of his vocals to suite Yobi especially, since he knew about her sore throat. That’s really very sweet and caring for him to do so. I like the way they both sang the last few lines of the song *I keep going back to that part only*… it was sung with passion. Is there a different clip out there with a different cam point of view? I want to see Hwanhee’s face as he sings the last line. haha *dreaming again*

Then they both shyly bowed their heads after the song–can’t look at each other! *amazed* I thought they would at least hug lightly…And it was so sweet of FTTS fans to have brought a flower ready for Yobi. I am sure it made Yobi feel so welcomed and loved that night.

I agree, Miera, Yobi’s looking hot! She is just lusciously curvy, womanly, sexy in an understated way that night. And it’s about time for Hwanhee to see this side of his wife! lol Hwanhee’s handsome as always, but I need to get used to the new look. Overall they’re one handsome couple.

As I watch their progress in WGM, it appears their natural tender, caring side and support for each other is coming out so strongly now. They’ve forged a bond whether they are aware of it or not. Plus they are making plenty of effort to look good for each other. Coordinating their wardrobe when they’re appearing together is very nice. It’s how couples are in real life right? Also it becomes more apparent that they suit each other. Even if they have a few disagreements they work out their differences together. They have that kind of understanding and it’s a very mature way to handle things in any type of relationships. Hwanhee’s showing his lighter side more often lately. It’s so wonderful to see that Yobi brought out that part of him.

Should they become a couple for real, *and i will be the happiest person on earth!* this pair will be a force to be reckoned with. That’s how strongly I feel about them. Does Korea have a real R&B couple yet? Hwanhee & Hwayobi already showed chemistry on-screen, on-stage singing with passion together. They are just so promising. I am so looking forward to what will transpire in the coming months.

Found this video link: http://channel.freeegg.com/sujincess/357584 where Brian and Hwanhee’s talking. I heard Yobi’s name mentioned several times. If either of you could translate the part please? smile.gif Thanks in advance!

2. YOBI’S CONCERT: I am extremely thrilled about the great reviews of Yobi’s concert. I knew she’s worried about her voice. But she’s proven she’s still the best. She exudes a different aura when she performs on stage. Awesome to see it.

And it’s so thoughtful of Hwanhee to send flowers, give a video message and then later surprised Yobi of his presence. He must have worked hard to arrange his schedule just to be able to show his support for Yobi’s concert. He must know about Yobi’s many concerns, how hard she worked for the concert. Hwanhee’s a very private person, right? So him being there to publicly offer support is a magnanimous gesture. I am sure Yobi’s touched by it. Finally we have the elusive pic where Hwanhee hugged Yob. *sigh* It was so natural to see it and Hwanhee’s not doing it out of some sense of duty because fans like it. I sense his sincerity. Even in the pic it was heartfelt.

Yobi’s so cute on her dancing parts in the concert. She’s sexy & cute & funny in fact (I’m not sure if these words can be used together to describe it, haha) on her rendition of Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and I don’t know the names of the other songs. I sense she’s having fun doing these lighter songs too.

3. EP40: lol with all the focus on the concerts I totally forgot about WGM. Thanks for the ep summary, screencaps–i am running the show in my head through those materials. lol

However i still want to watch it. YouTube link is down in my corner of the world for 10 days now (a tiny spec of annoyance in my otherwise euphoric HwanYobi special week). I would be so grateful if anyone can point me to a download site or perhaps DCINSIDE? *hopeful*

sis rikkimargarette… just saying hi and so glad you were able to emerge from reading and break away from Dr. Carlisle’s love for awhile to post here. Hope you will still be able to provide hardsub download link for ep40 thru your blog again after you finished reading the Twilight saga. smile.gif

4. MBC AWARDS: – thanks for the great pictures taken from the show. Gah! Yobi’s blasting Hwanhee with her beauty. I love, love her dress. I can see she and Hwanhee coordinated their clothes for the show. They both look elegant, classy!

Yobi’s dress was demure (sort of) because of the below the knee cut of her skirt, but oh boy, her back! her tattoo! *grin* And the cleavage is just teasingly covered by her long hair. She really is a siren! biggrin.gif Remember during the ant tour Hwanhee covered Yobi because he was embarrassed seeing Yobi on her swimwear as they just met? *wonder what’s going on Hwanhee’s mind this time* Does he want to cover Yobi’s bare back now? lol

I have read that most people noticed that there was a different feel between them during the awards show…please don’t panic! My take on that issue is: Our HwanYobi have acted appropriately, professionally for the awards show. After all it is not really a WGM show but MBC awards. There are other celebrities or VIPs present. And since it’s a professional gathering, it won’t look good if they had continued as they did during their concerts. In the MBC Awards, they’re the professionals. For a few hours they were able to separate the personal as they are performing on-stage. *it must be hard* Our couple showed class, talent and professionalism. Frankly it’s awesome to see them this way. It showed maturity. It just feels different in the concert because they’re the stars there. In a full-room of loving fans I am sure it makes a lot of difference and they are allowed to interact naturally without fear of people criticizing them. So I guess that’s why it made most here feel that there’s something different this time. biggrin.gif just my 2cents

That distance that separates them on stage when they sang is present again though… lol …so that’s a great sign! Is there an awkward-shyness developing between them so suddenly? Oh, I can’t wait to see the changes on the next WGM episodes. I noticed Hwanhee bowed his head again.. haha.. and so did Yobi while being interviewed. Nerves? ‘ya tell me.


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