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30 Dec

Posted by Caribeanne
Soompi Page 77/ Post #1524

Where do I start? They really spread out a sumptuous feast for us fans this weekend, like a Christmas cum New Year’s double-present hehe =)

1) Hwanhee’s concert & 2) Yobi’s concert 27 December 2008
the duet was wow… loved the lyrics it really meant quite a bit to me personally =) and I think they did it better than the original version. Hwanee was really happy and smiling non-stop haha… yobi was a lil more shy blush.gif and her sexy side must have boggled his mind poor guy haha
wow he was so nice to pop up at her concert… if only we had a fancam of the hugging part it’ll be so good… but at least we have the pic hehe =) and the thing is that all these appearances at each other’s concerts weren’t part of some WGM thing (can’t be since they were on strike by then) so it’s really sincere of Hwanhee and shows his real feelings =) he ain’t doing it just cos of the show but he really wanted to see his gorgeous wife in concert! AWWW!

One question I have abt the concerts though. I thought that the concerts were BOTH held on the same day 27th dec. But then it’s odd that at Hwanhee’s concert, he says that Yobi came despite having her concert the previous day so had a sore throat. But at Yobi’s concert, he says that he rushed over after his concert cos he missed something (her? haha) hmmm, so does anyone know what actually was the real sequence of events? Thanks in advance!
*it was ingenious of them to have the concerts so close so the element of surprise will be there and after that the appearances seem even more precious =)*

3) Episode 39 28 December 2008
too short alrite but these days I’m thankful so long their interaction is good… i mean that’s most impt right? No point having half and hour of showing them aloof or bored/annoyed with each other. Seems like they’re growing closer, naturally (like how Hwanhee predicted hehe things like hand-holding, food-feeding, gift-buying all become natural and not forced hehehe I like his style though it was a lil longsuffering for poor Yobi) but I wonder why she made Acorn Jelly when it’s like the theme for the Kangji couple (hope she doesn’t get critised for this since fans can sometimes get picky) and the Pooh plushies that he bought her were so thoughtful! He really went to the extent to find out what she likes! yay he’s a sensitive guy hehe… and the looks on both their faces as she discovered the gifts are priceless! Yobi’s overwhelmed gasps of grateful and Hwanhee’s to-the-max smile he had no way to control or hide when he heard her… you don’t need words to describe that beautiful feeling of a budding love-is-in-the-air vibe. Mr Macho Tough-Guy Hwanhee is having a hard time hiding his emotions these days huh? haha can’t be helped when you’re falling in love i guess =) *ahem ahem* seems real finally.

4) MBC Entertainment Awards 2008 29 December 2009
Yay congrats to all for winning the award! So nice to see them all on stage in their finery. Hmm but I realised that Yobi seemed pretty distracted though, and they were a lil awkward together. Nice to see that she still took his arm to get on stage. The duet thing was a nice surprise (once again… They’re the surprise couple now hahaha) again… didn’t get to watch it but it must have been gorgeous… they really match and blend beautifully in duets! but yeah tonite the vibes between them seem a lil diff from concert nite. Hope all’s gg well. hehe so many chances to interact! just as well though since the end of the strike is an uncertain thing… at least we got quite a fair bit to moon abt while waiting =)

Yobi was really hot and back to her normal slim shape again… u go girl! and Hwanhee’s hair… hmm can’t say I like it. but he really reminds me of Jerry Yan (F4 Taiwanese singer-actor) esp when the latter tied back his hair during the Hana Yori Dango show where he acted as Douminji (Taiwanese version of the drama- Meteor Garden)


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