Hwanhee at Yobi’s Concert

31 Dec

Posted/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 78/ Post #1559

Here’s the request from Hwanyobyfan.
I hoped Dr J would do this cos she ‘s manages much better english then me .
but She must be busy because of the holiday season so I did the translation
with my rough and humble english skill

HH’s appearance during the Yoby’s concert
this is their conversation.

Yob: How did you come here?
HH:Ahhh.Hello everyone. It’s me Hwany.
I was doing a concert too but had finished earlier
YY: Thank you so much for coming
HH:If you were doing well…
Yob: When did you come?
HH:a while ago…
Yob: What…

Hwany: Was Yoby doing well? (to the fans)
Fans: Yeahhh…

Yoby: You’re doing very well…(introducing himself)
HH:So many fans came here…
Yob: Yes.

HH:It’s full up to the 3erd floor.
HH:Thank you very much for coming to the concert.(to the fans)

*…here sis! sincerely I can’t understand what
they were talking about…*

Yoby is saying ‘so waht?’ ‘so waht?’
HH must have teased her a little because of her hair style or somethig similar

Yoby:Have you jumped here instantly? How could you come here?
HH: I’m a Jumper(must be Jumper from the movie)
Yoby:A Jumper?
HH: Sorry(to the fans)

HH:Today… to watch her if she’s doing well I came.
before I return home I felt somethimg was more wished…
My concert had finished earlier and I came here.

Yoby:How! How!
HH: I wonder if some fans of Yoby watching tv should hate me?

the vd is cut here…
After this, fans asked to HH to sing but Yoby stopped them
because the next day HH had another concert.
Then people asked them to hug.
They hesitate a little bit.
but then HH went to her and hugged her… this is all sis hope you enjoyed.


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