Ramblings on the Concerts Apperances

31 Dec

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 79/ Post #1566

What do you know, I have HwanYobi in my thoughts as I was making cakes, cookies & pie “sweeetness’.  You might think it odd, but I don’t have YouTube for 11 days now in my part of the world(*sad* and unsure when this agony will end). So forgive me if I am a bit obsessing this time *winks* since I can’t get my usual dose of HwanYobi goodness. You’ve all whet my appetite enough with the goodies that I’ve yet to see, so please bear with me.

Here are what my sublime thoughts put right out to the fore:

I know I mentioned before how they like coordinating their clothes as a couple. But I think during the concert week they’re picking up each other’s thoughts. The concert wardrobe for instance.

On Yobi’s concert when Hwanhee appeared, she is wearing a red/black number and Hwanhee came in the all black outfit that he used in his concert (I have seen the video via free egg). The following day, 28th, when Yobi appeared for their duet, Hwanhee’s concert wardrobe is a red leather jacket and black trousers (seeing the video of the 27th ftts concert, he wore the same jacket too). Yobi came wearing an all-black short dress, and she is wearing red shoes. *dreamy* I don’t think they knew each others concert wardrobe colors right?

After watching the videos of the ‘Endless Love’ duet for MBC Awards (via Daum TV for countless times now)… it occured to me that no live audience had seen their wedding photos yet. Remember there were no more emcees and live audiences during the broadcast of their wedding photoshoot(Ep 37). So basically this is the first time that there was a live audience seeing their wedding photos.

So, as Hwanhee & Yobi sings and photos from their 100th day photoshoot were being shown on a huge screen, I noticed the audience are reacting to the photos, too. Some heads turned to whisper to the next person sitting next to them as the slides were shown. I’m sure they can’t help it. Hwanhee even glanced at the huge screen a few times too, probably curious as to what photos were shown to the audience.

Also, I can confirm, the couple may be standing on stage far apart from each other but they never once looked at the audience while they were singing. They’re facing each other the whole time. smile.gif Hwanhee’s eyes never left Yobi’s and Yobi’s, when her eyes are not closed, only looks at her hubby *giggle*. The only time they faced the audience is at the start of the song and then the end of their song.

Someone observed why our couple is not sitting next to each other… Miera’s post provided info/screencaps that they are indeed seated on the same table but there are two people between them. Plus it’s a round table… (sorry to cut your post, sis)

QUOTE (Miera @ Dec 29 2008, 09:11 PM) *
…Hwanhee and Yobi were seated at the same table but..Marco was seated in between them. Yobi was seated beside Hwangbo. Didn’t see Dambi on that table but i think there was an empty seat beside Yobi then Marco then Hwanhee. Only Anbi couple and Alshin couple were seated together. The camera never really focus at their table. Did show HH sitting there..i tot was alone. If not for the screencap below..I didn’t actually see Yobi throughout the show only during the duet and award presentation.http://i405.photobucket.com/albums/pp138/Miera001/30-1-2.jpg
credit: DCINSIDE

Here’s my take on why I think Hwanhee is not sitting next to Yobi on their table… it’s strange, but this is true *grin* ask any guy.
With Yobi looking so hawt and sexy, the first thought would be to sit next to her right? But our Hwanhee I think is so much smarter and wise…hehe… the perfect line of sight to see/observe Yobi is so much better sitting next to Marco. smile.gif If he had to look at Yobi without being obvious, he doesn’t need to turn his head side-ways. Remember that now popular photo, taken during WGM’s Press Conference, where he was caught giving Yobi the ‘look’? Yobi’s shown him huge doses of how she can also be sexy and he probably didn’t want to be caught again on cam with a certain look on his face while glancing/staring at Yobi *grin*

QUOTE (won-won @ Dec 30 2008, 07:23 PM) *
Yobi is such and honest person. I was seriously tearing up a bit when she said she feels empty and that she doesn’t have anyone to rely upon. Even HH was lost for words when she said that..and I agree with someone from youtube said (sorry cant remember the name sweatingbullets.gif ), that Yobi seem doesn’t have many closed friends. Remember the 1st eppy, when she said she has the hobbies because she has no friends?

And the concert duet was awesome! I love it. From the words of puddlemini@YT
” omo! Their shy smiles at the end certainly sealed the deal for me happy.gif


and remember HH’s 2nd verse of the song?

Now were here together, yesterday has past.
Life is just beginning, close to you at last.
And I promise to you, I would always be there.
I give my all to you.

could it be that the words are his answer to Yobi’s,”I don’t have someone to rely on”…

sorry for cutting your post, won-won… yes, I did notice Hwanhee turned to face Yobi to sing those last two lines when I first watched the video. My thoughts at that time were, “are those lines for her?” I have not seen ep40 nor Yobi’s concert with Hwanhee’s appearance yet, thanks for filling up another void. If that’s what Yobi said, then it does make sense to me now. You have just given me something to ponder about again…

More ramblings at the original posting here


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