Translation for MBC Ent. Awards 2008

31 Dec

Posted/ Translated by Ga_Yeon
Soompi Page 77/ Post #1557

081229 MBC Entertainment Award – WGM Cast Winning Award
Just the translations for the Hwanyobi Couple?
Well, I will just do it for all of the couples and skip the award announcing.
This was a special award for the Best Brand. (I think it is funny how they announce the Ant Couple first!!! then all of the others) (Crown J is really unique to wear a coat like to the ceremony, Most of the time guys wear suits like Alex, Andy, Hwanhee and the other also funny how Park Myung Soo is smiling and clapping in the background)
Lee Hyuk Jae: Congratulations everyone! Now please come to the stage.
*MC/Announcers passing out awards*
Lee Hyuk Jae: We have so many winners that we can’t interview you one by one. Instead I will ask the questions to each couple that the fans/netizens are most curious/important.
First up is the Marbi couple! So, Son Dambi you have had a rough time dealing with Marco if he was gone, and take a look next to you. Look at all of those handsome men! If Marco was gone, which one would you pick?
Son Dambi: Is it necessary to choose?
Lee Hyuk Jae: This is just a ‘what if’ kind of question.
Son Dambi: *Looks to the left and right of her* I would still choose Marco oppa.
Lee Hyuk Jae: May your love never change. Thank you.
Next up is the Gaettongie Couple! Many people would give Hwanhee the new husband award but doesn’t it feel bad to be called Gaettongie?
Hwayobi: Yes
Lee Hyuk Jae: Really your feelings are not hurt?
Hwayobi: No, it is a name that matches me well.
Lee Hyuk Jae: Our fans are watching us so let’s hear the original Gaettongie in a refreshing way. So what kind of tone, balance do you have to use to make it the original Gaettongie. Now let’s hear it!
Hwanhee: Gaettongah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee Hyuk Jae: This lady has received the love that a nuna (Korean honorific that boys use on older ladies. It is kind of like unni but for guys) out of all the other nunas can get! (*tears* miss the lettuce couple so much!!!!!!)
So Hyun Joong how would it feel to marry a nuna that is older than you?
Hyun Joong: (Sooooo much makeup!) She is a good is a good cook so we would have a full marriage life.
Lee Hyuk Jae: Now Hwangbo, what would it be like to marry a younger guy?
Hwangbo: If the guy was thoughtful like Hyun Joong then I think that will do.
Lee Hyuk Jae: Thank you for your time. To the next couple.
So Ansol couple how many months were you make-believe married?
Solbi: About 7 months. (To me it looks like they are holding hands.. Is it me or does everyone else see that?)
Lee Hyuk Jae: So you have confessed that Andy is your ideal type.
Solbi: Huh?!?!?! Well, not exactly. I have lived with him so I know that he is the best husband material. (I know he can cook better than her!!! hehehehe)
Lee Hyuk Jae: Best Husband material? but the two of you are separated now.
So if you had to choose again would you pick Andy again?
Solbi: yes!
Lee Hyuk Jae: So if you were to do WGM again would you pick Solbi again.
Andy: Yes. (A little skeptical about that but if he said no then she would probably be very upset)
Lee Hyuk Jae: ah… May your love never change.
Now, this was one of the most frequently asked question and the one that people were to most curious about.
On our website board many fans have left the comment that the two of you were dating.
So the two of you are really dating now, there is no burden because the two of you are not in WGM anymore.
Alex: That is not true. We don’t even know each other’s phone numbers. Well the people don’t know the truth.
Lee Hyuk Jae: Right now you are filming a historical drama because Alex has made you a special casting?
Alex: Me? Me? I can’t even do my role right.
Lee Hyuk Jae: So is Alex that great?
Shinae: ye..ah.. (Says yes but not 100% and doesn’t say it confidently.)
Lee Hyuk Jae: Nonetheless, you did say yes.
May your love never change.
Now we have Korea’s most shopping crazed, Shinsang (New arrival items) loving, Oh I thought you were Andre Kim for a moment (Andre Kim is Korea’s most famous designer. Designs mostly Wedding dress, suits and formal clothes. Ironically, he is one of the most weirdest dressers in Korea. Many people refer him as alien looking. I shall not post a picture here because that is research if you are really curious He was the one to design the suits and dresses of the old couples. Don’t know about the new ones.) So the two of you have never met in person and had a meal together right?
Seo In Young: Actually we have.
Lee Hyuk Jae: How about shopping together? *directs mic to Crown J*
Crown J: Umm…. I think.. we have.
Lee Hyuk Jae: Seo In Young loves new arrival items and Crown J loves limited edition items.
Is there any trouble when shopping?
In Young: Seobang (one way of saying husband in Korean) matches me very well so, I am not uncomfortable.
Lee Hyuk Jae: So I have asked all of the questions to the couples now, what saddens me is that the Jung Hyung Don and Saori couple is not standing here with us.
Everyone, this is why marriage life is important
So now give a big applause to the Best brand 6 couples.

Now for the link provided
FTTS Talk Three Men Concert
*Hwanhee comes in*
Hwanhee: What is that? Oh yeah, Here. Let me sit here for a second and talk.
I have something that needs to be attached.
Ah Brian!!! wasn’t he great!!
Fans: yes!
Hwanhee: I saw him on the big monitor and he was working hard.
If it is not this quality then it would not be good. Well, he does a good job anyway.
*talking to the lady* under there if you would.. Farewell. *stands up*
*fans scream* *Brian walks in*
Hwanhee: You have been working hard.
Brian: I just had some soju. (Soju- Korean beer that is very frequently drunk on Korean dramas especially during rough times and breakups)
Hwanhee: You worked so hard.
Brian: Oh really? Well today is the last day of the concert.
Hwanhee: That’s right. Fly (talking about Fly to the sky) does a good job and tries a lot no matter what.
Brian: Jong Kook hyung does a good job too (This is another honorific used by guys to call guys that are older than them like unni and nuna)
Hwanhee: Yes Yes, Well Jook Kook Hyung can’t talk very well and..
It has been a long time since the two of us have been on stage.
Brian: Since we are together we have to talk about our 8th album!
Hwanhee: It is already the 8th album?
Brian: Oh man it is already our 8th album…
We are kind of old now…
Hwanhee: We have recorded half or more. It should be ready in late January or early February.
We are going to come out with a hot album.. that we have been thinking about lately.
When it comes out please give it a lot of support.
Fans: Yes!!!!!!!!!
Hwanhee: I won’t tell you to support it just do whatever you please.
To Jook Kook Hyung Fans! Please Support us! We are very close!
Brian: Jong Kook Hyung is like a real brother.
Hwanhee: Oh really?
Brian: Not really but yes we are that close please give us support.
What next? Oh Hwanhee is doing ‘We Got Married’ (Hence the reason that we are here’)
You are doing that with Hwayobi right? Wasn’t Hwayobi great earlier?
Fans: Yes
Brian: She is not pretty but she is handsome. Just Kidding that was a joke
*Laughs* Personally I am close to Hwayobi.
Hwanhee: Brian once saved Hwayobi’s life.
Brian: Yes, on a broadcast Hwayobi fainted and I saw that none of the staffs were helping her (Hmm.. REALLY MEAN STAFFS!!) So I carried her to the waiting room.
He did that but she got married to Hwanhee!! *Puts hand out to point to him*
Hwanhee: Well that was just a broadcast.
Brian: So there are people from overseas right? Japan? *fans scream* Japan (now in English)
Now China *one fan screams* Oh Only one person Okay. *fans laughter*
Singapore *fan scream* Malaysia *fan scream* In English: Thank you for coming tonight! We love your support!
(didn’t need to include that but it would be kinda confusing if I didn’t)
*Hwany gets and drinks water*
Brian: Has everyone seen Taeyang’s Circus?
*Very few fans: Yes*
Oh so that means that you haven’t well, we have people from there sitting in the back.
Well, we are thankful that many people came. It has not ended.. I’d mean there is more to show.
Hwanhee: There is no end? Well that is right that it is not ending yet.
Okay now let’s liisten to some FLY TO THE SKY music.

27/12/2008 Concert Hwayobi Hwanhee Suprise appearance [Fancam]
Hwayobi: Oh wow.. How did you come.
Hwanhee: Hello everyone I am Hwanhee.
I came after my concert. I had a concert today too you know.
After the concert I came straight here.
*Hwayobi so happy*
Hwayobi: Oh Thank you.. How did you come.
Hwanhee: I was wondering if you were doing well or not in concert.
Hwayobi: When did you come?
Hwanhee: Well, I am here now.
*fans screaming*
Was Yobi doing a good job?
Fans: Yes!!!!!!!
Hwayobi: The fans are loving it.
Hwanhee: Yeah there are fans even way back there.
Thank you all for coming.
Hwayobi: Oh my.. I am so happy. What should I do?
How did you come?
Hwanhee: Well it my expertise.
yes, my expertise.
I was just wondering if you were doing well or not, I mean I couldn’t just go straight home.
It finished early so I came to visit.
At the end not very clear… Leandrosxxi.. Would you like to fill in my blanks and make corrections.
I am like Marco.. Always lacking 2% (maybe more)


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