Ramblings on their MBC Appearance

1 Jan

Posted by Caribeanne
Soompi Page 79/ Post# 1573

Thanks to lilshOrtnancy & craszri who at YT and won won here who answered my question how they tackled the appearances with the sameday concert timings and all.
thanks to lean and Dr J for all those translations! really appreciate them, thanks for all the effort and time to share with us what u know =)
Mariemerong, love all your drawings! they are so adorable =)

just some thoughts…
like what HwanYobiFan said abt why they were so different in the MBC awards from their concerts… I totally agree.They were much more awkward cos the pple ard them & the context was totally different. Not adoring fans but sunbaes and hoobaes in the industry, they had to be more professional. Couldn’t help noticing that Yobi was pretty fidgety and distracted though… she’s nervous perhaps? =) and probably super tired too… 3 days of performances in a row!

ooh as for where they are sitting during the MBC awards, to add on to Miera sis’ image and analysis… I was watching the rest of the show and managed to get more screencaps showing where they sat in relation to each other. This was where a lady in the next table won, and their table had to stand up to let her pass. On the right side of the pics you can see Hwanhee standing up 1st, with Marco obviously between him & Yobi. the rest of them all stood up right after and were applauding the winner.

but like HwanYobiFan said, it was a better position since they were pretty much right across each other and cd see each other far better than if they were beside. but like what lilshOrtnancy said, it must have been boring to not sit next to each other and talk comfortably. but i suspect the sitting is in a way planned since not all the couples were sitting next to each other as well.

with the 2 duets they had over the last 3 days, hmm they must have been spending quite some time with each other b4 that, no? hehe I mean, I’m sure there are rehearsals, so yay more chances to meet up outside of filming yeah?

Found this really cute PS pic of them while watching the awards. It was part of a whole collection of couple pics that were PSed onto the cute template that was shown during the awards. Enjoy!
and have a very Blessed new year ahead, everyone!


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