Yobi’s cyworld entry…read by Hwanhee

2 Jan

Posted/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 80/ Post #1597

Yoby’s diary in her minihompi related to this last ep 40.


Whooaa.already December!!
Practicing hard and giving a concert I’m going to be 28!!
This way I’d rather prefer to be 30 soon,
By the way at this Christmas I want to receive two gifts.
He He,  everybody knows,there’re two!!
God,please just make sure this time to receive,
Instead next year I won’t ask nothing.
These day’s I feel like meeting Pooh and his friends for real!!!
I’m becoming a bit odd little by little .kkk.
Getting old but I feel like a teenager again,
but if someone ask me to pass again through that period I’m not sure if I could.
I’m…I have confidence in me
In such case if I had lost direction…in loneness and emptyness,
I won’t make a mistake..
In cases like that I’ve learnt that I have to be realistic and stern.
That’s what I’ve learnt until now I’m 28.

This is.. all
I hope this diary had cleard a little why Hwany wanted to give Yoby Pooh and His friends.


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