Concert Goodie

5 Jan

Post by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 82/ Post #1634

Dear DJ sis… Fans are screaming a lot, Right? Hehe.
I ‘ll try to listen carefully and will give you some feedback if I can
Maybe I have to ask to our sis at DCINSIDE
cos they have got Bionic Woman’s ear as I told you.kkk.

EDIT:I’m listening now.pretty hard to hear.I’ll ask to sis at DC now!!!

Here are some hidden goodies in HwanyYoby’s talk at Hwany’s concert.
I asked to sis at DC.Was almost impossible to hear!!

The Dcinside forumers are so creative finding goodies.
If there’re not they just invent them.haha.they find hidden godies with amaging skills.
let’s enjoy that during the next week that we don’t have any new ep to share.

This time was…at Hwany’s concert ,
as you know all Yoby was there as a guest.
after their talking had finished
the lights were switched off.
then someone screammed ”Yoby unni.yor’re so hot sexy!!!!’

after that hwany said to Yobi.

‘Ei~~~,how Gaettong is hot sexy?!! no way~’

EDIT:I found DJ’s traslation much better.kk thanks Juliana.
English: No way~~~ What is sexy about Gaettongie?

One of the forumer wrote an pychological analisys of Hwany on that moment.
was funny so I brought here.Hope you sis all enjoy this.hehe.

Here’s an analisys of Hwany’s acting
credit: Hwany♥Yoby (DCINSIDE)
We saw Hwany looked proud of his wife but…
he was a bit shy when people said that yoby was hot.
I think he was jealous and worried that if Yoby wore those kind of sexy stuff always
he said already that Yoby’s dress was somethig ,
(one of the forumer who had been a huge fan of hwany for long time
who’s nick is Hwanyfan said that dress suits exactly Hwany’s taste in dress!!
and once Brian said in a tv program that Hwany liked sexy glamour type girls.  ))
A manly guy like Hwany dosen’t like
his girl to be shown sexy before everybody,
probably wants her to be hot only for him.
And Hwany’s counter attack is about to begin!!!

What do you think?  hope you’d like it.


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