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5 Jan

Posted by Ga_Yeon
Soompi page 82/ Post #1631

Hwanhee @ Hwayobi Concert Extended Ver. (27/12/2008)
Hwanhee: Hello
*fans cheering, Hwayobi hitting Hwanhee* (Fans are too loud so I couldn’t hear what Hwayobi said to Hwanhee)
Hwanhee: I came to your concert.
Hwayobi: Why did you come?
Hwanhee: People are in front of us. Why are you being this way?
Hwayobi: How did you come. (Not too sure on what she said here… fans are just too loud!!)
Hwanhee: Hello, I am Hwanhee.
I came right after my concert ended.
Hwayobi: Thank you for coming but why did you come?
Hwanhee: I just wanted to see if you were doing well or not.
Hwayobi: When did you come?
Hwanhee: I just came.
*fans cheering*
Was Yobi doing a good job?
Fans: Yes.
Hwayobi: The fans are loving it.
Hwanhee: Yeah, there are a lot of people here.
It is full even in the back. Thank you all for coming. *laughs*
*Hwayobi tapping Hwanhee*
*Hwanyobi talking softly can’t hear*
Hwayobi: I am so glad.. What should I do?
Do you have any superpowers?
Hwanhee: I am jumper. Jumper. I’m sorry
I came to see if you were doing well because it doesn’t feel good to just go home after I finished early.
Aren’t there people that hate us after watching us on TV?
Hwayobi: Don’t talk about that during this time.
Hwanhee: I am blunt but on the inside I am soft.
I think that the fans find it fun.
*Fans cheering for them to kiss* *Kiss lips on the screen*
I am happy to be with the fans. Thank You.
-end (Lean unni if you are not busy you can help to edit if there are any mistakes… I tried to listen over and over again but couldn’t get some parts)

27.12.2008 Concert – Talk 1 Translation
Brian: Put on some clothes.. Aren’t you cold?
Hwanhee: No I am hot.
When Brian does his solo…
Brian: *interrupted Hwanhee* What are the stains on your shirt?
You fans know that I like to clean.. I will wash this for you at home.
Hwanhee: Please give me that jacket over there.
Brian: It’s cold isn’t it?
Hwanhee: It is so hot.
Brian: Then don’t wear it.
Hwanhee: Should I just take it off?
Brian: From now on we could do this.
When you fans say,”Don’t wear it” then the people who say that have to come up to the stage and take their clothes off. Alright?
Hwanhee: I will sit while talking.
It is now the end of the year, and there are many people that drink.
Those people get drunk, confess to their love, get dumped and regret it later. *gets handed a jacket*
What is this? (talking about jacket)
What I talked about is Druken Truth (FTTS’s song from their album Recollection)
Brian: Has that ever happened to you recently?
Hwanhee: No… If I do that then Gaettongie will beat me to death.
Brian: I have given up on drinking.
Yes, I gave up drinking and I am attending church. *Hwanhee: Oohhh*
What is with the ayyyyy? (Fans doubting Brian)
Hwanhee introduced the next song and Kim Jong Kook did a great job singing.
There is a different feel when Fly to the Sky sings.
Fans: It is better when you sing!
Hwanhee: Well that is because you are our fans.
Kim Jong Kook’s fans have their arms crossed like this in the back?
Brian: Where are Kim Jong Kook’s fans?
*fans cheering*
He is handsome.
Hwanhee: We will now sing for you *laughs*

새 해 복 많이 받으세요 (This is what Korean people say to each other during New Year’s. It means Hope you get a lot of luck in the New Year.)
Happy New Year 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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