Episode 40 Insights

5 Jan

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 82/ Post #1632

Miera… love to bits your no one can deny moments! And so happy everyone’s catching up on those couple thingies that they do. (really sly of them for being not so obvious, hehe)… T-shirts, tanning… now I do have one more item to add to our growing list: Winter Rubber Shoes!  In this picture, Hwanhee’s wearing it. Yobi has a matching pair, but she was wearing it on ep39 (sorry, I can’t make screencaps of Yobi’s shoes in WMP  ). The special winter rubber shoes was mentioned on ep39 as our couple is coming out of the Hanok to find the right tree to hang the pics.

Don’t y’all just love their his-hers matching? As Carribeane said, it was done so subtly, who would’ve noticed it, but just us fans!

I do have one more ‘meat’ to throw in our HWANYOBI CAULDRON so we can all take turns in stirring it up… hehe… After rewatching ep40 I SPOTTED a most charming scene of Yobi wearing Hwanhee’s right shoe (yes, the winter rubber shoes I have shown above)!!! Again, sorry my WMP won’t let me create screencaps so I found the only closest screencap (sorry for the blurry enlargement work). Pic credit: “youcapturedme” Rina’s Entertainment blog

I was so charmed when I noticed this–and even started shrieking!  Right after they came out of the spa, watch the scene closely as they sat by the floor near the bedroom. Now if there’s anyone here who can share high quality screencaps of the shoe-sharing moments (and plenty were shown!), I wouldn’t mind getting all of them.

Hwanhee and Yobi are truly so natural in this scene. I sense this is something spontaneous on Hwanhee’s part to show his care and offer his right shoe so that Yobi can keep her feet warm. And look how so endearing Yobi look wearing the right pair of hubby’s shoes! *melting* AND considering they’re discussing about their relationship as a couple while all this is happening… *more dreams*

I am sad we won’t have WGM for 2 weeks(?). I am hopeful though the strike won’t take that long. On the other hand, why can’t they just broadcast the episode filmed before Christmas? *wishing*

Anyhow, just stay positive everyone!


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