Psychological musing on Hwany

5 Jan

Posted by Penny
Soompi page 82/ Post #1639

Here comes one of galler’s psychological report to make you happy. This galler’s name is “YoYotte” ( Unsure to translate her name in Eng. Her english nickname is a sort of ” dhkzls” like that….. She is a famous galler always saying something juicy….  ….. Okay…Now, Let’s start.

Brian was quite close with Yobi. So he joked in “Three guys” concert., ” Yobi is not pretty, But she is cool” …. At that time, in a split second, Hwan’s laughter was not a natural one that responded to a common joke. His laughter showed that he was displeased and sorry for the joke, he seemed to be one who was directly ridiculed by Brian’s comment.

In other words, he didn’t enjoy Brian’s joke. such as their fans in that concert. To Hwan, Bra’s joke to Yobi seemed to aimed at him, cause Hwan- Yobi was a couple, though in WGM. He showed what a true husband was, revealing his uncomfortable mood toward ridiculing comments to Yobi. (In truth, I’ve never seen a husband or boyfriend who strongly retorted to jokes aiming at his girl. They just laughed outwards, being distressed inwards)

We also note Brian’s attitude after the joking. After they joked, people mostly at first test the waters of the targeted one’s response of the joke. ( This tranlation is extremely weird….sorry… ) Brian at first glanced Hwanhee. ( For sure, he didn’t mean to ignore the spectators….) It was high likely that Brian’s joke aimed at Hwanhee.
Since when, Hwanhee gonna get hurt because of ridicules on Yobi?
And Why????? ( This is Penny’s addition)

Thanks for reading, (quite a long post….), Sorry for my poor translation…

Lean may post this one better and sweeter…… Wanna you enjoy this report…

See you soon hopefully…. Always amazed to see your posts.

Still nervous, Penny.


One Response to “Psychological musing on Hwany”

  1. Pallycute March 10, 2009 at 1:10 am #

    I remember Brain said (don’t know he really tell the truth about that or not) he said if Hwanhee has a girlfriend he will devoted to her,,,

    Maybe this what hwanhee did to hwayobi that time (because they were a couple at WGM), Remember Hwanhee said he didn’t want people/someone look down on her..

    If you look hwayobi,..she’s just a woman that he want to proctect, and don’t want make her feeling’s hurt

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