Yobi’s Cyworld…updated with LOVE

5 Jan

Yobi updated her cyworld with a new background…
IS subtle LOVE in the air
or already entered their respiratory system?

EDIT: During her early stage in WGM..her cyworld background has been rather cutesy or spiritual/ religion influenced…but now Hearts and LOVE visuals keep popping.
Visual artworks are tapping on one’s unconscious mind. Only they know .

New videos of Yobi at Hwanhee’s concert:..
frontal view with him checking out her dress and IMJA !!!


Won Won sis the C is too overpowering can’t help not to see yeah..even the hubby eyes strayed there. I still find the “drunken truth story” a great coincidence or could it be destiny. Can we deny..hehe ? Hwanyobifan..sis again kudos to your insights..lurve it sis. As for Hwanhee claims of becoming a bad boy again…i wonder if he still can when Yobi’s C might be overpowering it haha. That’s all men weakness…and he is REAL manly man.

Lean sis…lurve your blog although i dun understand hangeul…I feel your unconditional Hwanyobi love. Love it sis. Thank you. To our

Bionic Sisters at DCINSIDE

…omoo i’ve always seen some psychological analysis from our sisters there and please do bring more such psychological reports hehe. I read recently about our sisters at DCINSIDE analyzing the moment when Brian said..Yobi is not pretty but handsome…can you share that Lean/ Penny sis ? As for Yobi sexy sultry image…this lady here has been on/ off abt some of her images/ fashion sense…I am really glad she is back HOT but in a more subtle and sultry way. Love it. I especially love her backless dress..it is like you see but no touch. So Hwanhee what more can you deny ?

Thanks again all lovelies for the vids, musings, translations…Wonderful and thank you as always and always. For the new Hwanyobi lovers…Heeyobi, Keax, Love_fu wah, fanyyobi, linda and many more…keep on Hwanyobi LOVING ramblings yeah. It is lovely to see how each one of us here plays a role as a part of ourHwanyobi LOVE team…working unconditionally for our Hwanyobi. We are always open for recruitment arent’ we ?


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