Episode 36 edited scene

8 Jan

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 84/ Post #1679

Well about the edited scene…
remember …sis… in that ep 36 Hwany at first didn’t want to go to the fish market with Yoby?

before they went to the fish market actually there was a deal between Hwany And Yoby.

that Yoby has to grant one wish whatever Hwany wanted.
that’s why hwany had accepted to go to the market.

After they came home Hwany had to cook the rice .right?
he was not very pleased so sometimes he tried to threat Yoby with his wish not asked yet.
at the end of the day finally Hwany told her what was his wish

Hwany’s wish was ..

Hwany said that Yoby’s diet almost not eating was not healthy at all
he wanted to help Yoby to lose weight in a healthy way doing exercises
if it was necessary Hwany wanted to join her to do that exercises.

What do you thing sis..why he acted like that?

other edited scene is …
Yoby was complaining that her relatives have teased her she was fat on the screen.
Hwany’s reaction was….
No way~~~ you’re not fat at all!!! who said that?

this edited scene was shown at the studio recording but somehow it’s edited when it was brod-casted .

I hope you enjoyed this. good day.!!!

Edit: there’s no way to watch those scenes.
one of the galler went to the studio recording and watched this edited scenes

Someone please show me some psychology report of Hwany on this case.


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