What do they think of each other ?

8 Jan

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 83/ Post #1671

This very long break from Hwanyobi got me in retrospect mode.
So I found myself re-watching for the nth time their past WGM Episodes.
I tried to watch these old clips with a grain of skepticism cause I know I’m hopelessly biased when it comes to Hwanyobi.
Problem is, the more i watch them, the more I realize how great they are together,
and that every instinct to the contrary has simply been a denial of the inevitable –
changed impressions, heightened attraction, deepened feelings.
I just hafta say what we’re seeing now was quite unimaginable in the past.
I just love how their story progressed and I’m looking forward to more Hwanyobi loving in 2009.

For all you sistahs, gathered some quotes on Hwanhee’s and Hwayobi’s views of each other.
Of course credits to Muish (Eps 25-38), Dr. J (Ep. 39), Tuntung Subs (Ep. 39) and Lean sis (Ep. 40) for the translations.


He seems to have tendencies of a bad guy.
I must be strange, I kept being attracted to that!
A life relying on a good man is like eating rice with just kimchi.
So, I’m attracted to the bad guy.
(PD:what does a bad guy add to the rice and kimchi?)
Meat side dish (WGM Ep. 25)

With that kind of heavy atmospheric clothes
and all the mistreatment on top of that
He seemed so strict I felt like I was a student called to the principal’s office.
What’s this I kept thinking, he was cool though. (WGM Ep. 25)

Just because he’s a bad guy doesn’t mean he’s really a bad guy.
It’s not like I can marry a burglar. It’s just that he’s a bad guy to women
he’s a bad guy but he’s not bad, I think so because he loves. (WGM Ep. 25)

He got 1st place with the long jump and survival game
Because he’s good at everything, you know the feeling of pride in him
The feeling that can’t be felt by wives of husbands who get the last place. (WGM Ep. 30)

He is quite blunt and emotional, I must admit
But his heart is soft and his thoughts are deep. (WGM Ep. 32)

My husband, if you look at him
He seemed like a flowery path, but later you find out there are thorns
And then he acts like he’s giving in, but he doesn’t
And acts like he’s not giving in and he does, And makes you feel touched.
I’m sure even Mensa members can’t do that. (WGM Ep. 32)

I think the husband has strong characters of his own,his manliness is just a part of him(WGM Ep. 32)

(To HH:) Husband, I think husband is really cute. What, I can’t think you’re cute? (WGM Ep. 34)

If I ask for help with anything difficult in the future,
He might complain but he’ll do it all for me.I came to trust him with that. (WGM Ep. 36)

(To HH:) I feel you have changed.
(HH: For good?)To be sure, but not as bad as before either. (WGM Ep. 40)


I thought she only did music. she brought a painting and gave it to me as a gift.
The picture really left an impression on me. (WGM Ep. 25)

She was so good at being married in the beginning.
But her personality, I think any man would like someone like her.
She’s good to her man.Even if you offend her a bit, she still stays close to you. (WGM Ep. 25)

Actually, I didn’t think she would be nice either.
(To Yobi) I thought you’d be abrasive too.
But you’re accepting of everything I did, really nice.
The real charm, I still don’t know since we only met twice. (WGM Ep. 30)

But Yobi, she has that kind of charms. The ability to make a man do something. (WGM Ep. 30)

(To Yobi) You’re not like those other women. I mean your heart is big. That you’re nice. (WGM Ep. 34)

(To Yobi, after asking him what he likes) I like you, of course! (WGM Ep. 36)

(To Yobi) You’ll always be there, looking just at me.To have a wife like that
If I go out and get pushed this way and that and get tired,
to say that there’s someone who’ll always welcome me at home
It makes me feel warm and comforted. (WGM Ep. 36)

She thinks that she’s going forward quickly
but that the husband is not opening his heart to her
even at the rest stop earlier, she wanted to hold hands and link arms.
she wants to get closer that way, but because I don’t do those things
But in time, those things will become natural
Wouldn’t I be able to do it at the right speed eventually? (WGM Ep. 36)

I’ve never met someone who fits my actions so well. (WGM Ep. 38)

(To Yobi) You have so much – sing well, talented and great cook. (WGM Ep. 40)

A constant wife. I can describe you as a constant person,
You have no pretenses, you always act honestly, that’s your charm.
Many men noticed your charm and they like you.And they hate me. (WGM Ep. 40)


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