Juicy update of Honeymoon Episode

9 Jan

Posted by Miera
Soompi Page 85/ Post #1691

Hwanyobi Lovers some…JUICY UPDATES…woooooo
Some Juicy parts that we might have missed due to…our LOST IN TRANSLATION.
These are lines that we have missed and has been highlighted by Lean sis & DCINSIDE Bionic Sisters

Scene Episode 34: The Honeymoon
The night that made us went WILD…Why the crowd went WILD ?

Just after Hwany switched off the light….
Subbed/ Hwanhee: Whatever just sleep. Hey Sleep !.
Actual/ Hwanhee: Stop.COME HERE. Let’s go to sleep.
& the crowd went WILD. To me..COME HERE makes a SWEET difference… blush.gif

Scene Episode 32: After the Gym
The scene where Hwanhee put down his photo frame that covered their couple photo.
Was it scripted or was it not ?
*Lean sis…omo I forgot what was it that was heard at the studio between Yobi and Hwanhee when this scene was shown.
Based on the studio conversation between Hwany and Yobi when they were watching this scene. It was found that Hwany was actually clueless and gave a surprise remark that the camera was recording it. I was rather skeptical about it thinking it was scripted…but Bionic Sisters finding was it was NOT. So it was his own SWEET gesture. Awww. He was PUNKed…

i guessed we are often skeptical of the 20% scriptedness of the show and might be in doubt of Hwany’s genuine sweet gestures that he had portrayed beyond our expectations. Till… Epi. 41 we can re-watch and re-watch these scenes with a new found understanding/ feeling rite ahha..


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