Hwanyobi X- File Part 1

11 Jan

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
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X- file

for the first time ever….
An actual interview transcript from Episode 31/32 (The Gym) was posted by a crew at DCINSIDE.
Thanks to Leandrosxxi sis and DCINSIDE Bionic Sisters for generously want us at HWANYOBI@SOOMPI to see these revelation.
This transcript was not publish and NOT OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC yet.
credit: Translated by Leansdrosxxi

021-interview (FANY01)/ W (Writer) H (Hwanhee)
010010 W: After you went to the drugstore the house was changed in many aspect…

0016 H: I was surprised ,and wondered why she’ was acting that way…she make pretense so much already that we are couple…but she even filled the house with her photos. She should have guarded more but Gaettongie likes to express herself so I should understand her.

0058 W: The photos placed were the same…
0108 H: A little…It reminds me of the movie “Misery”. I was going to eat then her photo was there her photo was even printed in the cup…. when I was on the sofa its there too. It was a bit scary and made me still wonder her reasons.

0139 W: You didn’t take photo together.
0153H: I usually don’t take photo even of myself ,these days people buy cellphones with a good camera but I don’t care about those kind of things. I don’t take photos of myself. .I even have camera. So it was a little embarrassing that Gaettongie asked to take couple shot. It’s not because I don’t like her.

0244 W: The fried eggs in a heart shape… (A SCENE THAT WAS NOT AIRED)
0250 H: It tasted like any other fried eggs but it was made with true hearts

0309 W: Yoby is a good masseuse…(A SCENE THAT WAS NOT AIRED….WHY O WHY…SKINSHIP)
0319 H: Yes, she really picked well the pain region and she has strength. Usually women don’t have so much strength in their hand but Yoby has. I told her that I felt pain on my shoulder …she really massaged well. She is a great masseuse.

0346 W: Are you going to ask her to do that often?
0348 H: I exercise a lot so often I get hurt or many times and my muscles are…so I think I should ask her.

0359 W:You covered the photo in the wall.Why?
0412 H: There were so many photos on the cushions and pillows..it was embarrassing. It didn”t look good that she took off mine and put the couple photo on the wall. I wanted to keep it there because the fans gave me that photo of mine . I didn’t want to substitute that to our photo .So I put mine over our photo .

0445 W: You didn’t made no concession to use the make up table…
0451 H:First.I have too many cosmetics already.I like to collect colognes too.There was no space available and there was a cosmetic refrigarator too but she left that refrigarator on the floor…and placed her make- up on the dressing table. I wasn’t going to oppose to that but suddenly unyielding spirit had arise from my inside so…I said not to do.

W: Your dream about marriage
H: I didn’t think about that especially before WGM. I never thought to marry someday. I’m not an idol but I’ve never wanted to get married. But when I saw WGM, I always thought that Dondon couple looked really close to the reality….and that DonDon is the common prototype hubby. Sometimes people said that DonDon couple is close to the real couple in life. I don’t think they were bad example.I don’t want to pretend in WGM.

0705 W: Yoby’s drove today…
0719 H: Honestly, today I was in pain. Yesterday I got hurt when I was exercising. These days women have their own cars…when the man is tired woman can drive….maybe man should drive more often but Yoby could do it so it was not necessary .That’s why I left her to drive,She did very well

0754 W: It was not Yoby’s fault that the rode was jammed but you were vexed.
0813H: I didn’t feel sorry for her at all. I felt that was her fault…-no that was just a joke-. I lose my temper easily so I always try to find another route but Yoby was quite calm just staying where we were. It was safe driving that way but I felt heavy in my chest.

0856W: Yoby asked to hold her hand but you didn’t do it…
0905 H: She should drive and to hold her hand in that atmosphere…it was not the right moment. Holding her hand when light changed then I had to let it go… and it was embarrassing too yet .She might thought that I didn’t hold her hand because I didn’t like her…so I warned her.

0933 W: Your taste on furniture style?
1005 H: There are many other people whose taste are the luxury ones but I really like the simple ones without any pattern on it .

1022 W: You said that you didn’t like what Yoby had chosen…
1028 H: In that place every sofa looked almost similar. I was thinking that what Yoby had chosen was the best one.Then Yoby aked me to buy that one so I refuse first then bought that. I was surprised that she has the same taste but I didn’t express it. It’s really hard for me to express what I feel.

1102 W: You bought two sofas (remember the red sofa that Yobi was seated on)
1130 H: I’m not that kind of person who bought everything when asked to. We were going to buy the big sofa only but Yoby had cheated me. She was laying on the small sofa and was asking the price.I ‘m a celebrity so I couldn’t go without buying that too. Honestly, I didn’t like that small sofa. I think i’ll easily get tired of that. But Yoby was eager to have that small sofa so I bought it. She was very pleased.

1215 W: Yoby hates doing exercises but you were hard on her today, the reasons?
1246 H:It was not because I don’t like her. If one think in a negative way about exercised then you would really start to hate doing exercises. But it is fun doing exercises. She was not bad. I was hard on her because we are couple. It is good to have a healthy wife but I felf a bit sorry for her as I was too hard on her.

1322 W: When Yoby succeed in doing the rolls…
1343H: Yoby was really bad at first so I felt heavy but then she did one and did two consequitive rolls. I was flying(happy) that my student had done that. Although I didn’t express myself. I realized that my coaches should feel the same when I followed their instruction very well and succeed.

1429 W: When Yoby walked on the balance beam…
1435 H: The floor is safe to fall down….so I actually wanted her to fall. If it has happened she would not have wounded but she was better than i have expected . She was not bad doing those kind of things. Since, she does not exercise…it is a bit troublesome for her .

1504W: You hold her hand on the balance beam
1508 H: Honestly, I was going to push her that’s why I held her hand. But we were just beginning (as a couple) so was kind of.not good to do that..from the first moment. Today, I went there (gym) for her .I wanted to check her health state and nd show her that it is possible that she will like to do exercises. The only thing left in my mind is that I wanted to show my athletic skills…maybe next time I will.

1600 W: You didn’t drive when you came back…
1612H: It was just very difficult for me because I was really tired. Yobi must have been tired too.For the first time, I realized that it is tiring for the person who teaches too. I thought…It was not that far to go home so I left her to drive and I slept in the car.

1652 W: Why did you make her cook?
1701 H: When I’m alone I always eat delivery food. I get tired of those foods and it is not tasty. I wanted homemade food and Yoby is a good cook…she knows that. I wanted her to cook rice and soup for me.It’s much more delicious than other delivered foods

1734 W: You were searching Yoby’s past videos…
1747H: There’s nothing I care about her past relationships. I don’t really mind what happened in the past, that’s my character. But Yoby called me by mistake OPPA. It was funny…very funny .it was a little bit absurd too. We are couple that’s why I told her that. And as we are couple I start to be curious of when she was younger.

I thought that Gaettongie is pretty now but if she did some exercises and lose weight she would be even prettier. I felt sorry .


In this epi, a scene (maybe when HH was watching her videos) before their dinner, Yobi has accidentally called Hwanhee…OPPA(Dear elder brother). Yobi was embarrased because Hwanhee kept teasing her, “Which OPPA is she thinking of?”. During their supper with wine, Yobi received a text message and HH teased her if the message is from one of her OPPAs. His teasing was like she is in their “WGM” relationship but she is having an affair.
Then he was curious about her songs that she sang in the past…remember in the scene while he watching the videos he asked, “What were you thinking when you were singing this song?”.

*For the text message, you can see Yobi’s Handphone on the sofa and it actually moved..smile.gif. [/b]

1857W: Kong Chul (bean)- your new nickname?
1911 H: Honestly, it dosen’t fit on me at all and what is that nick KONGCHUL? Well shold be but after this broadcasting people would call me with that nick? I think if it happened Guettongie will lose the charmingness. Geattongie is charming on Yoby and can’t with other woman. Many people said that it fits very well on her..but no thanks that nick KONGCHUL .


Yobi might have teased or called her KONG CHUL during dinner time when she said she dislikes eating beans.

1955W: About Yoby’s food especially the soup ..was it good?
1959 H: Well Yoby is a great cook…was really delicious. At the first recording, I doubted a little that she made all the food herself. But this time I saw her cooking. ,was really tasty…maybe a little bit salty but these days I’m trying to eat unsalty food ..that must be the reason. The food was proprely salted and delicious… it must be my impression only. The mackerel was really good too . But Yoby couldn’t t hold it to cook. I don’t know how she manages cooking when she’s alone . But when I took that mackerel it did look at me with horrid eyes.

2057 W: You should give her compliment but you only expressed complains.
2104 H: But she already knows .I didn’t give her compliments cos I was a bit afraid that she didn’t cook anymore and became snobbish.

2123 w: At the end you let her use the make up table
2131H: I already have too many cosmetics and nothing changes if I hold the table in common. And today ..she could have refused to practice cos she hated it but when I proposed to do it… she followed without any complain, she made lots of effort. I thought highly of that attitude of hers and she looked cute….and she cooked delicious food. I was really hungry then .so I really appreciated that. But I didn’t expressed that feelings so I pretend that was a favour.

2220 W: What kind of woman is Yoby?
2241H:She looks innocent ,sometimes it seems that she knows everything and sometimes she doesn’t know anything . Sometimes she seems to have pure side. I never had expected from her those kind of devotion to her man . My ideal woman is… that way…devoted and constant person(didn’t he said that in the recent epi…to his dear wife..wooo). Many women do but celebrities usually don’t. She has lots of experience in this entertainment field. It;s natural if she was quite proud but she doesnt’ act proud with me. After she considers a man as her man she must act like that way. It seems very unusual and that’s her merit too.

2339 W: From now on…
2345H: I think it will not be bad.. .we are not a plain couple. Gaettongie is not at all plain. We will have fun .I’m not that jovial person but because of Yoby. I became more positive and cheerful.I think it’ll be funny.

2416 Writer: In real life what would have happened? (THIS IS WOOHOOO blush.gif]
2425 Hwany:She is the type of woman of my life. Maybe this sounds a bit egoistic… but I like the type of woman who believes what I say without any question and follows without any complaints. And Yoby has this character. So in real life I would have married her. These days women hire people to work at the house…In that case I feel a little bit sorry for her and sometimes I wait for some complaints from her. but Yoby doesn’t show any ..I feel sorry for her. I act sometimes to make the situation funnier. but she is constantly nice with me. She doesn’t seem to be like the woman of these days .

2613 H” I don’t know how other men act theses days. Honestly, they would treat their women very kindly.Yoby said that too. I would like to do that inside but I just can’t express myself and act like others. But when something really huge happens I will keep my girl with all my all .

2752 W: Don’t you think Yoby pretence to be obedient but actually she obtained everything she needed?
2806H:Yes.she ‘s clever…she seems to be the victim of my doings but after all I granted almost every her request at the end. She has that charm that’s her weapon. I doubt at first but I finished doing. She’s uncertainly odd. I don’t understand her. I probably would have refused if the person who asked was not Geattongie. It’s her charm.

2909 W: When you bought the Ramieyun(korean instant noodle)
2911 H: The fatty one has more calories…when I see her in the morning she looks a bit swollen .She must have ate before she went to sleep. I want to stop her eating that but she seems to like it. That’s why I bought one with less calorie for Gaettongie’s health

I am still in awe of what was said by HH and still digesting…one of the most important point Hwany has been highlighting since DAY 1 …..is HE DON’T WANT TO PRETEND and WANTS TO BE REAL.
So what have we seen so far….

A BIG KUDOS TO LEANDROSSXI…this is a very very longggg transcsipt (abt 7 pages) and for us here at Soompi she did it unconditionally for our ONE LOVE.

without you sistas…we are all forever in the dark.


3 Responses to “Hwanyobi X- File Part 1”

  1. bjboujack December 23, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    woaahh thank you so much for this transcript…im so really happy..when i read it…for me the best couple i’ved ever seen in reality show/even in drama of korea…is this wgm..the funny couple..its look like they’re real couple…i hope someday/somehow….acciedental couple for them…hwanhee is so very humble to hwayobi..even though he didin’t express his feeling w/her but i stilll felt reality love between them…i know hwanhee just pretending hate hwayobi because he know that everythings is good for hwayobi…he cared somuch yobi…imagine..train her exercise just to check out the health of yobi..so manly and good husbond…doesn’t mean if you act like bad you didin’t like person…love&care can’t only shown the way you act..but the feelings can feel that way…thats hwanhee did to his dear wife yobi..love them hope extend them 8months…everyone enjoy watching them…im here in mideast but love to watch this couple…made my day completely&full of happiness….

    • BeautifoolDreamer December 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

      Lucky you find this site..:) Watching them make us feel love too right. SOmething real there that we can’t deny. ALthough it has been about 2 years since their last episode…we can’t help to still hope :). Let’s see the future and may they feel our hope too 🙂

  2. heeyobi April 6, 2009 at 5:47 am #

    it is not the end yet right? well now that yobi has someone special in her heart or even hwany has also (hope not) but still she is not yet married…

    as long as they are good friends i am happy with that for now… and there is a lot of possibilities in the future right? what is happening now is too early to say… but for me and for us they will remain HWANYOBI or Geattongie COUPE… they are once married on the show but still that is a lot of experiences for them and for us as there memories that forever keeps in our heart.

    still hoping for them that soon may they realize there past memories or look back on the shows that they’ve been together especially when they have duet in singing.
    5 years from now we cant tell what will going to happen…

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