Juicy Updates from FTTS Concert

11 Jan

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi Page 87/ Post #1724

EDIT: JUICY Updates from Lean sis…again muahssss
At their birthday party interview, they mentioned Yoby once.
Here’s the interview cut: http://gall.dcinside.com/married/178409
*Watch Brian’s reaction too…during this interview .

Translator (T): Do you have girlfirend now?
HH: If I have now?
Brian: Yes *haha…Brian.
T: So do you have girlfriend?
HH: (embarrassed) Ahh….you are talking about Hwayoby…haha now have Manura(means wife in korean but kind of casual way) it’s just a show…because of the show…We meet only for the show..

once a day(Everyday)..we even call each other..

MC: that means he must have called her
Brian: Do you want Hwany to be married?
HH: Brian wants to marry soon.

Brian then said, “Do you want me to marry Hwany?
Fans: laugh
The MC said, “Yes”….Brian replied, “STUPID”.

DCINSIDE bionic sisters found this statement from HH ”

We meet only for the show…once a day(EVERYDAY)

…very contradicting…that is impossible for them to meet everyday for WGM as the show is only filmed once every 15 days. Very contradicting for him to say that they meet everyday…haha Hwany so what was the other 14 days meeting for if only that 1 day is for WGM ?

Thanks Lean sis and our DCINSIDE Bionic Sisters….Again…Hwany are you confused too ?…that is so contradicting. Lurve the MC and Translator for asking hehe.


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