X- File Musing

12 Jan

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 88 Post # 1747

Wow, I don’t even know where to start, just as I’ve finished reflecting on Hwanhee’s revelations, now comes Yobi’s.

First things first, Miera sis, thanks for sharing with us this precious X-File. Of course, a big thank you to Lean sis for the hardwork in painstakingly translating this transcript, as well as to our dearest Bionic Sisters at DCInside whose generosity has allowed us, soompiers, to partake in this classified information. We are forever grateful for your overwhelming generosity.

After reading both transcripts, one thing I’ve noticed is that both Yobi and Hwanhee would give their all for the one they love. Hwanhee said he would give his all to keep his girl while Yobi on the other hand has manifested the willingness to endure anything to keep the relationship intact.
Theirs is a “make-believe” union, but it has successfully mirrored the realities of marriage and what giving and taking is all about. After all, marriage is a partnership, and both parties need to strive hard and compromise to make the marriage work. I think both Yobi and Hwanhee are very much aware and conscious of that truth.

Time and again, we’ve seen how Hwanhee turns it all around with his subtle acts of kindness and affection. He can be sharp with his words but you see the sincerity in it, and he says things with no ill intention. If you’d notice, he always makes it clear that he does it not because he hates Yobi. I believe all the teasing was out of interest and to know Yobi better. He does his part of compromising too when he helps Yobi with whatever she needs. That is Hwanhee’s way of giving back.

As for Yobi, I wouldn’t call it submissiveness, because she once said that she can’t be forced to do something she doesn’t like doing. I believe this is her own way of compromising to Hwanhee. She is someone who is fiercely loyal to her man but she isn’t blinded by love. She’s quick to notice insincerity and is not afraid of voicing out her opinion. I could really sense that she holds Hwanhee in such high regard and understands that there’s no harm meant in his teasing. Yobi is smart. Yes, she’s always being teased by Hwanhee but she still gets her way in the end:)

I just love it when she said, “there’s something beyond, only between us”, as though they have this secret pact, a meeting of the minds which we can never fully understand but try to figure out. I think, Yobi is laying it all on the line here, she’s just so honest with how she feels, she just wears her heart on her sleeves. I fervently hope Hwanhee sees that, his ideal woman is already standing before his eyes. It’s now time to take some action.


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