X- File Musing

12 Jan

Posted by Chello
Soompi page 88/ Post #1750

Thanks Miera Sis for the X-Files 2 post and a big hug to Lean Unni for translating. I can’t imagine how much extra effort it must be for you to so dearly translate the transcripts and sharing them with us over here at Soompi. You are very much appreciated and loved!

From what I have read in the two transcripts…man what a lot of stuff is edited and left on the cutting room floor! They cut all this stuff out so other couples can have over 20 mins of airtime? sleep.gif Now now, not hating on any other couples here – just saying, is all. The other couples do make me smile at times, even if I have to fast forward their bits to get to HwanYobi! ]x)

Like many of you sisters here, Hwanhee confuses the heck out of me. One minute he says he’s being real on WGM, then the next moment he’s out of WGM he says it’s all for the broadcast. Well, what I think he’s getting at is that he’s being true to himself as far as character goes – blunt, somewhat unemotional and cold at times – so just being himself, but at the same time the ‘broadcast’ bit is to keep himself in check because after all, WGM is make-believe and I think the participants have to draw boundaries in order to remain professional. I think some of the older couples have said something along the lines of “you just have to be careful because sometimes you’re not quite sure where make-believe ends and reality begins in this kind of show.” I think they often have to remind themselves that “hey, this is just a show so I have to protect myself and keep myself in check, on track, and professional at all times.” Having said that, I appreciate that Hwanhee doesn’t put on unnecessary airs in regard to how he presents himself on the show and I like how he’s honest about what his character is like.

Beautiful soul, Hwayobi on the other hand, is transparent, innocent and wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time. Hwanhee has already complimented her on what I believe is one of her greatest traits and most endearing qualities – her honesty and lack of pretense and her just being comfortable with who she really is, inside and out. Yobi is much wiser than people like to think and give her credit for – she cares deeply for others, is so genuine and sincere and once she has found her man, she channels a devotion that betrays the independent life she leads – independent in the sense that she is a successful singer in the industry, and like Hwanhee has said – she is unlike the typical career-woman of the day – Yobi is very wonderfully domestic! She cooks, cleans (okay, so she doesn’t like it but she does have those thongs) and stands by her man, not necessarily something you would think an outstanding R&B queen could be.

Of course we have no real way of knowing how often they contact each other (not sure if the WGM policy about couples not being allowed to contact each other still stands) but I think there is certainly a special chemistry between the two – and something very very special happens when they sing together. Now, they are both fantastic singers in their own right but seeing them together, each so passionate in their craft – that just creates a magic that I think is undeniable. Even just in a professional light, I think they are very lucky to have found each other! *hurry up and get an album done together!*

I think what it is about these two for me is that when they get together they bring out something special in the other person – something that isn’t necessarily seen all the time. Hwanhee has said he isn’t typically the jovial type of person (and based on watching some clips from concerts, interviews, etc I think he’s being honest there) but how wonderful it is that Yobi brings that side of him out. I love how Yobi said in her interview that she wouldn’t stop being cute and winsome – again, just being true to herself and winning him over with sincerity – but as cute and winsome as she is, that lady is also very sexy-schmexy – tattoo, belly ring – definitely more than meets the eye with her, and that’s what makes her so precious. And Hwanhee already knows that she can go from cutesy to sexy, so while he kinda rolls his eyes or questions the necessity of her cute actions – I think he likes that that’s part of who she is, and that who she is is also someone who can transform into a sexy mama in a moment. He’s lucky. Bugger. LOL.

WOW, I think I’ve rambled on long enough. I just wanted to contribute somewhat, since I do enjoy reading people’s thoughts and perhaps the DCINSIDE sisters would also like to know our thoughts as well.

Can’t express how grateful I am for all the goodies we get here. Looking forward to a new epi for this week, and perhaps some news on Hwanhee’s Jan 17th birthday – even though he had celebrated it with Brian at their recent bash. Plenty to look forward to, Hwanhee’s birthday, the Korean New Year, Yobi’s birthday and their respective albums PLUS WGM epis, I guess the 3-week break from new epis has given me a time to reflect and think about this couple and fall in love with them. All over again.

Take care everyone and be healthy!


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