X- file musing…

12 Jan

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 87/ Post #1738

The wait for Episode 41 is indeed long, but definitely not dreary,
for we have a bunch of wonderful treats
to get us by as we wait in anticipation for Hwanyobi.
Thanks everyone for contributing all your thoughts, talents, and time all for the love of our favorite couple.

First, we have the X-Files (muchos gracias to Miera sis for posting it here and to Lean sis for the translation) that left us all with feelings of surprise, happiness, curiosity and confusion, all at the same time. Hwanhee really seems to be a hard puzzle to figure out. But one thing I liked about him is that he didn’t hold back his words in expressing his admiration for Yobi and the kind of woman that she is – someone who is “constant and devoted”. He sure is blown away by her humility, a trait which he says is a rarity in celebrities, despite her achievements in the industry.

Moreover, Hwanhee’s world is getting sunnier, thanks to Yobi.
“I’m not that jovial person but because of Yoby, I became more positive and cheerful.”
Great to know that Yobi is bringing about this change in Hwanhee. I love how inspite of being polar opposites, their personalities mesh perfectly well because they complement each other. Yobi’s happy disposition draws out Hwanhee’s goofy side; while Hwanhee’s calm and collected attitude suits Yobi’s carefree spirit.

Now, to that particular bit that we all love…

“She is the type of woman of my life. Maybe this sounds a bit egoistic… but I like the type of woman who believes what I say without any question and follows without any complaints. And Yoby has this character. So in real life I would have married her. These days women hire people to work at the house…In that case I feel a little bit sorry for her and sometimes I wait for some complaints from her. but Yoby doesn’t show any ..I feel sorry for her. I act sometimes to make the situation funnier. but she is constantly nice with me. She doesn’t seem to be like the woman of these days .”

Big statements from Hwanhee there. Was that a declaration of admiration or a confession? I’m not that surprised that WGM decided to cut this out because those words hold so much meaning and were said sooner than expected. Perhaps the PD wanted to first build the foundation in their relationship before developments such as these are shown to the audiences.

Moving on…

Dr. J, thanks for the translating for us what went on during the FTTS fan meeting. 10 years is such a monumental achievement for artists. I am happy that both Brian and Hwanhee have weathered all the storms, sorted out their differences, continue to remain strong and evolve artistically. Sweet of Hwanhee to affirm his wife’s existence (hahaha, yes Hwanhee, we know it is for broadcast although you let it slip that you meet her everyday).


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