X- File Part 2

12 Jan

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 88/ Post #1741



for the first time ever….
An actual interview transcript from Episode 31/32 (The Gym) was LEAKED by a crew at DCINSIDE.
Thanks to Leandrosxxi sis and DCINSIDE Bionic Sisters for generously want us at HWANYOBI@SOOMPI to see these revelation.
This transcript was not publish and NOT OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC yet.
credit: Translated by Leansdrosxxi

& NOW YOBI’S INTERVIEW…Somehow I find the reason why the crew decided to leak this transcript.

I really feel a spiritual bond with him”….
“My hubby is teasing me always but there’s something beyond only between us
-Hwayobi, Epi 31/32 –

EDIT: (just with my humble views)
1021 Interview (Hwayoby 01~02)
010026W: You’ve changed many aspect in the house while your hubby was outside
0034 Y: You know, it was going to take days to change so I did it when he was not at home. I really felt sorry for sending him out knowing that he was in pain.

0051W: The photos were all same (the photos she pasted)
0059 Y: I really like photos. like taking photos .I carry 4 cameras with me always ,but it was really difficult to take a shot with him. He really didn’t want to take one shot. So there was only one photo left worth to bring here.

0158 W: If you have opportunity do you want photograph your hubby?
0202Y: Yes. I like black and white photos. I’m going to buy polaroid blackk and white camera .The film is really expensive but I really want to photograph him. I think he will let me cos it’s quite artistic
0244Y: I have a design, a plan It’s quite common but I always wanted to do it .It’s photo tree with polaroid photos.I’m going to make one.

0312 W: But he doesn’t want to take him photos…when?
0318 Y: I’ll look for a tree then I think it’s necessary 12 photos for each branch
0338 W:

When Hubby covered couple frame with his photo what did you feel?

0345 Y: I really didn’t think he will do that. .I don’t know. When we went to Ant Tour, When I was :sun tanning/ bathing under the sun, he covered my face with his shirt. I felt suffocated and.couldn’t see.and breath . but it was a kind gesture from him . I knew his intention and I accepted well , I knew he was teasing me as always. But on the other hand,

I felt that he really didn’t want to see my face that’s why he covered me up


My Humble Views (MHV):
It seems that Yobi has several disappointed moments with hwany but she bears it as she jolly well knows that her hubby is just teasing her. Amidst such teasing I bet a tinge of that disappointment made her wonder if these teasing and adverse reactions from the hubby is due to his disinterest towards her. As she often kept asking whether Hwany teased her because he don’t like her and she mentioned at the honeymoon that she is a sensitive person too.

0459 W:

Your dream about marriage

0504 Y:

I want to be a really good wife with sense (sensibility and realistic).

0537 W: Are you satisfied with this marriage?
0540 Y: 9 out of 10, I just gave high point but it’s my marriage so actually 8.5

0604 W: Did he compliment your skill to massage ?
0609Y: I thought at the beginning he was going to escape/ refuse something like that. But actually he was enjoying the massage. I’m a good masseuse too. I was doing that as a favor but it was actually a skinship .I could have done more but he didn’t want more cos he must be worried about me getting tired. I felt sorry…he didn’t have to care for me in situation like that.

0834 W: You have drove…
0846Y: Actually it doesn’t matter if woman drove or man did. I didn’t feel like driving but I’m a good driver. My hubby was in pain so I drove but I was really nervous to drive well cos he was in pain. If he would have sat at the back seat…it was going to be funny but he changed immediately, he is an upright person

1043 W: So are you going to drive always ?
1047 Y: Definitely not. It’s quite amusing when a woman seat beside the man who is driving .I started working young so I had my own car and always drove. I used to drive but when I had boyfriend then I started to have tiny wishes. That’s why I sold my car. I wanted my boyfriends to pick me up .I should drive when my hubby is tired but not always…never.

My Humble Views (MHV):
The highlighted sentence above reminds me of the rumoured joke that Hwany fetched her from her practice session for a night at the bar. Whoever, posted the rumoured joke got his/ her details rite…Yobi likes to be fetch by her MAN and didn’t Hwany and Yobi shared same rehearsal room for the concert practices wink.gif. Go figure sistas.

1206 W: He was vexed (during the traffic jam)
1222 Y: He was a bit hateful but it’s my hubby so I have to be generous with him.But he was hateful…it wasn’t my fault that the road was jammed

1236 W: You asked him to hold your hand ?
1242 Y: He didn’t do it. I think he is lucky that he has the necessary elements always near him .When he opened the cabinet there was a warning yellow card in it. I thought he was very lucky and that was funny too. I didn’t succeed.

1355 W: He said that when you ‘re in danger he was not going to protect you
1418 Y: I agree with that. One must be realistic these days. I don’t know if I could say this…Wgm is a reality show…My hubby and I would have trouble in real life. We were not going to be together always but I want to be honest with my feelings and be ease in WGM…Opppsss I don’t know what I am saying.

The hubby said that HE DON’T WANT TO PRETEND and the wife said that she wants to BE HONEST WITH HER FEELINGS. Doesnt’ that mean we’ve been watching their HONEST TRUTH & REAL presence with each other ?
NOTED from Lean sis:
In the interview he said totally different from what he said to yobi about not protecting her…He is just teasing.
He said…I don’t know how other men act theses days. Honestly, they would treat their women very kindly.Yoby said that too. I would like to do that inside but I just can’t express myself and act like others. But when something really huge happens I will keep my girl with all my all ..

1532 Your taste in furniture ?
1538 Y: Many people think that I should like the cute ones but with those kind of stuff…one maybe really got tired of it easily. I like simple ones .white and black and give some point on it.

They really do complement each other a lot in this interview even to this tiny details about the sofa/ their taste.

1630 W: You and your hubby seem to have different taste ?
1641 Y: He really doesn’t know what he likes. Hubby has good sense. His personal taste but in the end he has same taste with me. He likes simple one as I do so it was very easy to choose.

1720 W: Bought two sofas ?
1722 Y: That brown sofa is luxury, he was going to be laying down on it. So I wanted mine for my own. I’m very happy that he bought it for me.

2034 W: Do you exercise usually?
2035 Y: No ,I don’t like it to exercise but I play tennis and golf . I’m not that good but I like playing. Anyway I usually don’t play.

2136 W: You don’t like doing exercises
2139 Y: I hate it a little bit.

2143 W: Joggings or going to gym
2146 Y: I don’t like it .

2155 W: When you went to gym with him…
2203Y: I thought at first there was a shopping mall. It looks like that. Few month ago I watched Olympic and that scene was in front of me…it was the first time in my life. I was curious and thought that hubby is really a talented person

2241 W: You did lots of effort to roll
2247 Y: Everybody can roll.but I was bad since I was a child .On the trampoline I really wanted to follow his instruction cos it was to have fun. But I couldn’t…really coudn’. It ,was like watching scary movie and my body really didn’t response.When we were on the floor I did my best I thought just one roll was enough. But he wanted more so I did it twice.If I couldn’t have done that I think I will not be here having this interview.

2939W: You had to cook ?
2953Y: What I practiced there (at the gym) are what I would have done in a whole year. I was really tired and was nervous driving too.Was happy to buy new sofa but until you see that settled at home you don’t realize that you bought that. So I was trying to coax him if he let me buy food. But he didn’t let me so I gave up and cooked

3035 W: Do you like cooking?
3036 Y: Yes, I really like it . When I see people eating my cooked food I feel very pleased

3044 W: When you see Hwany eating your food?
3048 Y: Happy. He looked a little bit trouble with some of my cooking .but when I see him enjoying my food it makes feel good and proud. As a wife it was worth cooking.


When you were cooking Hwany was searching on the web

3118 Y: That wasn’t me.

Everybody wants to hide their past a bit. Yes my past is no that recommendable. But everything has happened already.so was too late to stop him.I was going to say that was not me ..I really didn’t recognize but when I took a look. Well, it was me in that video singing on the dark stage with mermaid dress.

HwayoB 02
010007 W: Your hubby likes your song…
0019Y: Yes, I have heard it and not because I’m his wife. I really like his song too. But I never expected that he likes my songs so much. If he was listening from a cd I was going to be very happy but from the web I couldn’t be that happy. I hate that korea is the most powerful country in IT stuff…that’s why he could search my past videos

0109 W: You were going to give him new nickname
0113Y: Definitly, it seemed like he didn’t like that name. I’m going to think more and will find the right one soon

0150 W:

Hwany with your past relationship was…(her thoughts about the “OPPA” thingy)

0205 Y:

He looked quite jealous.

He should have told it to me. I was really embarrassed and blushed. I’m working on my new album so I’m around many OPPA so I’m used to that calling. So it was quite understandable that it came out from me but I was surprised too. He must have misunderstood it. .After that when I received some phone text messages, he asked if it was from some OPPA. I don’t want him to misunderstand me.

I have only my hubby and no one else.

I think someone mentioned in the post that Hwanhee denied his jealousy. Yobi mentioned here…”he looked quite jealous”. This lady has been rather observant about Hwanhee’s actions and words and she has good intuition in sensing Hwany’s reaction…which at some epi she has precisely mentioned during an interview (remember when Hwanhee drew the sunflower). I gather…at least a tinge of jealousy is present.

0258W: Do you care about his past relationship?
0302Y: No.

But it’s difficult not to care at all but better not to know

. Being 27 years old, I have learnt that already…

when I care about his partners in the past I ‘ll get hurt more


So past is only past and now I care more about that we are together.

Did Hwany say something about my past? If he did just let me know please.

“When I care about his partner in the past..I’ll be hurt”. One wouldn’t get hurt if no feelings are present rite ?

Why was Yobi rather concern about Hwany’s concern or mentioning about her past? Possibly, because Yobi did have “colourful” and many experiences in the past. As she shared in a show that she has over 10- 15 men that she might have love or have relationships with. She also has good/ close relationships with many OPPA from Park Hyo Shin, KCM, Lee Ki Chan, of course Brian oppa hehe..and i guessed many more. In Yashimanman, she shared about liking/ telling an OPPA that she likes him. Junjin was in that episode too and it caused a stir of curiousity for Junjin as Yobi is also close to Dong Wan and Min Woo oppa. Somehow or rather…Hwany might have known a thing or two or more rite hehe.

0354 W: When you toasted (during the supper with wine) do you have in mind some wishes?
0402Y: Of course. But I was concentrated with the French speaking play. So I didn’t realize but anyway I don’t think he would have toasted with me.He probably would have teased me

0451 W: What kind of man is Hwany?
0454 Y: Maybe it’s too short time to talk about that. Maybe enough time…until now he is really blunt. One of the most blunt man I ever met but when we went to Ant tour he cared about small things for me. He was good with me and I didn’t know why. He said that his reason to treat me better was if he treated me even more abrasive when we’re with other people…They’ll really look down on me, he really didn’t want people to think less of me or badly of me. I know what he meant. I really felt spiritual bound with him. I realized that he was really prudent and mature than me not flippant as others

0700W: From now on?
0703Y: I don’t know, I think I already gave a step. I don’t mind if no none realized that. Someday I will give ten steps in a second and will open that door then you will realize.

Are you referring to the door of one’s heart …Yobi ?

0730 W:

Your own way to manage him?

0736 Y: Nothing will result if I tried to be smart with my hubby. I’ll be simple with him, He could be vexed with me but until now I’m trying to bear.
0804 Y: He’s really blunt but he’s really soft and considered inside, Maybe he doesn’t know yet that I’m the most sweet person and very affective. But when I really got disappoint I became the most cold person. I know myself that’s why I always try to do my best when I had the opportunity. I just do my best… it’s not bearing .nothing will result with compulsion .He doesn’t like my cute and winsome attitude but I ‘ll be the same always…with a smiled face everything will results for the better I think.

A devoted lady that will give her all and when disappointment strike it will be fatal for her to re-develop the feelings or to re-kindle it. I hope it will not reach to that fatal stage for HwanYobi. As, I think she will not turn back. sad.gif

0913 W: Is Hwany alike to DonDon ?
0930 Y: At first yes,but my hubby is a considerate person apart from he’s blunt external pesona. He really knows well the moment to push and pull, so I don’t have opportunity to get disappoint from him. I don’t think my hubby is like DonDon

1020 W: Maybe Hwany’s alike to DonDon but because of Hwany’s face ?
1029 Y: [b]Honestly, I think DonDon really looks cute .I like those kind of face [/b]

1119W: He knows how to win…
1137Y: I think I have met the master of masters. For now I’m going to observe him and will have my plan. Until now it’s quite bearable. Of course I can bear very well only watching his face.

1341 Y: Women need their own make up table.I didn’t have space but he didn’t want to give me.

He said that I had a choice between get out from his house or take away my stuff

. But after having dinner he was emphasizing his favor that he let me put my stuffs on the make up table. Sometimes he looks really cute when he says I’m the JJANG (the best in korean) too he looks very cute.

It was rather harsh of HH to give Yobi a choice to get out of his house. I don’t think i can bear with that. But after reading HH’s transcript, we know that in this episode HH is testing his wife. Yobi passed his test with flying colours.

1548 Y: After this episode aired many women would tell me that I’m not proud at all as a woman. They don’t understand me .they ‘re talking about the equal treatment for both gender. But what I think is different… not everybody can fit to the social common rule.Everybody has different opinion .I m not that kind of woman who care to be proud in love matters. I even understand those kind of women who are proud. I’ m not a perfect woman.

My hubby is teasing me always but there’s something beyond only between us


That’s why I try to understand him and can put up with him. I’m doing well so don’t worry about me.

She has proven to be an extraordinary woman and UNIQUELY YOBI. I’ve always think/ feel that Yobi has a plan in mind and she has deep insights. Although she appear submitting to Hwanhee but she has her strategy in hand and not shallow as those who misjudged her. From the first episode of her ahjumma dressing to her “submission”..that’s her plan she has in mind. Here, she has justified my thoughts about her “ahjumma acts” and now she has blossomed as she mentioned in Chuseok Special that she will not strike to win earlier…but now till we see what happen in the next epi…yatta.

I am wondering are we watching



[/b] sis for this unconditional love of translating every bits and pieces of this translation that took about 8 pages + Hwany’s transcript about 7 pages = 15 pages of JUICY…UNSEEN BITS. To


Sis and our


….THANK YOU.. YOU ladies have the choice to share or not to share but for the love of HWANYOBI…DCINSIDE sistas have been very HUMBLE and GENEROUS in giving us so much LOVE.

for the unconditional LOVING.

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