FTTS Birthday Party Talk Time

13 Jan

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 88/Post #1756

Dear Dj I have here the last conclusion of our bionic sis at DC.
At the birthday party when Hwany mentioned Yoby.
There were lots of confusion cos it’s really really hard to listen
but as we know our bionic sis at Dc can hear things that are impossible to hear.
so here it is the conversation.the last conclusion,hehe I hope it would help you.

translator : Do you have girlfriend?
통역: 지금 여자친구 있으신거죠?

Brian: (hitting Hwany) You already have got
브라: (퐈니 툭치며) 있잖아..

Hwany:(embarrased).Ah.How can I tell this? ah I have Manura(wife) now.
이걸 어떻게 얘기하지?…아..지금~ 마누라가 있죠.

Fans:(some of them) Whoooa~~~
팬들: (일부) 와~

Hwany :But it’s only a broadcast .We see each other only for the recording
…once a day..(everyday)…we even call each other .hahah

퐈니: 아 근데 방송이고..방송이니까..방송할때만 만나요..하루에 한번…(뜸들이다)
연락도 안해요..하하
*It seemed that Hwany was trying to say….’I even’call her everyday’..something like that.
but he was interrupted when he said until ‘everyday’..
so no more jump to a conclusion . sis .bad for our mental health state I think .hehe.

Fans : Eh~~~~
팬들: 에~~~~

Mc:it means they call each other then?
현민: 연락한단 얘기네요..그러면?!

Brian: (to the fans) Do you want Hwany to marry for real??
브라: 환희 진짜 결혼하길 바라세요?

Fans: no~~~ yes (some of them)
팬들: 아뇨..(뒤에서) 네

hwany: Brian really wanna get married…
퐈니: 진짜 결혼은 브라이언이 하고 싶어하는데..

Brian: So should I marry Hwayoby?

브라: 제가 화요비씨랑 결혼 할까요?

Fans: no!!!!
팬들: 아뇨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mc: yes!!!
현민: 네!!!! (분위기 파악 못하고..)

Brian And Hwany looked at Mc
브라 퐈니 동시에 현민 쳐다보고..

Mc: Sorry~~~
현민: 어…미안합니다~~~

Hwany: what happen to you~~~(hesitate a little bit)
퐈니: 이..사람이… (뭔가 말할까말까 잠시 고민..)

Mc: It seemed funny to me ….
현민: 아냐..나만 웃자고..


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