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13 Jan

Posted by Caribbeanne
Soompi page 89/ Post #1763

I haven’t been here in awhile and wow… I come back and get bombarded with presents! hehe thanks so much to Lean, Miera and the DCInside sisters for sharing those interviews with us.

QUOTE (chello @ Jan 12 2009, 11:18 PM)
I think some of the older couples have said something along the lines of “you just have to be careful because sometimes you’re not quite sure where make-believe ends and reality begins in this kind of show.” I think they often have to remind themselves that “hey, this is just a show so I have to protect myself and keep myself in check, on track, and professional at all times.”

I’ve this whole mix of feelings within me after reading them. so much raw emotion for both of them, but so much that cannot be said out loud in front of others, perhaps even harder in front of each other, but sometimes they just can’t help it and we get those glimpses of their honest feelings. =) I think HH has it much harder in this expressing area more than Yobi. Also, the whole thing abt WGM being “just a pretend show” makes it all the more confusing cos like chello so rightly points out, where is the line between reel & real, between honesty & professionalism? but Minwoo & Amy have wonderfully crossed that line, so well it’s not impossible for our dear Hwanyobi couple too! but if that ever happens, it’ll be probably when we won’t see them on WGM anymore… but small price to pay if that’s their real destiny =)

QUOTE (Miera @ Jan 12 2009, 05:51 PM) *
She has proven to be an extraordinary woman and UNIQUELY YOBI. I’ve always think/ feel that Yobi has a plan in mind and she has deep insights. Although she appear submitting to Hwanhee but she has her strategy in hand and not shallow as those who misjudged her. From the first episode of her ahjumma dressing to her “submission”..that’s her plan she has in mind. Here, she has justified my thoughts about her “ahjumma acts” and now she has blossomed as she mentioned in Chuseok Special that she will not strike to win earlier…but now till we see what happen in the next epi…yatta.

QUOTE (lilsh0rtnancy @ Jan 12 2009, 06:56 PM) *
You know, ever since the first episode, I’ve been hearing my friend rant about how she hates that Yobi is so submissive to Hwanhee or how she could accept a nickname such as “Dog-poopie”, and I’ve always responded saying that it’s different for each person. I’m so glad that Yobi feels the same way. And I seriously hate it when people say that she seems dumb (again, my friend). Like Hwanhee said, she appears to know nothing, but in reality she knows a lot. I love her analogies and comparisons to random things that makes sense in Yobi’s world. And of course, Yobi’s charm is that she can get her man to do what she wants. That is a gift.
In reality, I think any man would fall in love with her because she’s so kind, forgiving, loving, devoted and have no pretenses to who she is.
I’ve never considered Hwanhee’s harsh words to Yobi as insults, I’ve always considered them as teasing, especially between a husband and wife. It’s good to know that these two compliment each other so well. The answer to their interview also compliments each other.

Miera & lilsh0rtnancy, you said everytime I’ve always felt and was always trying to tell those pple on the main WGM thread who were so terribly opposed to Yobi’s supposedly “shameless” ways. Perhaps cos my personal stand is that the man shd be the head of the household, the decision-maker, the dominant one in the relationship so I can accept Yobi’s ways more easily. I don’t agree with every bit of her actions, but I’ve always felt that she has a reason for doing what she does and that it has a purpose deeper than what it looks like on the surface, so I give her the benefit of doubt. She’s an intelligent and deep-thinking kinda girl who does things for a reason (yes, all the ahjummaness was not accidental, it was purposeful =) and I admire her guts to do things that she believes in even in the face of pple who look down/disapprove of her action, cos she knows that what’s most impt is not what they think now, but the end result she hopes to achieve (his love! =) So glad to know that there are others who think the same as me! Thanks for sharing all your musings.

As for Hwanhee, he’s more of an introvert so expression is something he struggles with. the whole teasing thing is his way of dealing with his interest in her =) Like her though, he’s a deep-thinking guy too, though due to his pretty-boy appearance, doesn’t seem obvious. but though his handling of the fake Ant fight scenario and the things he does/says to Yobi, one can see his maturity and consideration. He clearly thinks thru stuff b4 acting – a calm, non-impulsive kinda guy. pple like that don’t commit easily, but when they do, they do it wholly. well, he has the expression of feelings & consciousness of public opinion as the 2 biggest barriers to any real progression in their off-screen relationship right now, I feel. Aja Aja Fighting Hwanhee!


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