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14 Jan

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 89/ Post #1767

Yobi’s concert:
One thing I noticed is that FTTS/Fany’s fans are more organized with their videos. Is video recording not allowed in Yobi’s concert? Thank god for phone cams or we won’t have anything to see. Hwanhee only spent under 2mins on stage with Yobi, but because he knows how to talk to the fans, he made more impact. And I agree with Chello–indeed it’s like he’s staking a claim. He’s pretty cool and confident doing it.

But as a side note, I felt Yobi did not want any mention of WGM in the concert. When Hwanhee started talking about Yobi’s fans hating him, she said it is not the time/place to talk abou it. Yes, she was extremely delighted of Hwanhee’s visit but still I get the feeling she is searching for a sign from him that the gesture he did is not related to the show(?). We all know how Yobi is always honest. So she just wanted a straight/sincere answer from Hwanhee, probably. (remember the incident of the ‘hwan flower’ drawing? and ep40 she asked who arranged the phooh&friends present?) Well I am satisfied he made the effort to visit. That’s what we were all wishing for, right? Hope Hwanhee was able to satisfy Yobi with his answer on why he was there. It is extremely hard to read Hwanhee at times. He cloaks his statements in jokes.

Hwanhee’s concert:
On FTTS concert Yobi’s name was mentioned on several occassions. Frankly, I am still sorting out my thoughts about the double-talking from Hwanhee. When it was Brian who told the fans that Hwanhee was married to Yobi, he said it is just broadcast. But while talking about Drunken Truth, he turned his head behind him to hide his secret smile(?) about Yobi beating him to death if he sings it to another woman. And then again with Yobi next to him, he’s proud to tell his fans that Yobi is “his” gaettongi, with pride in his voice and a facial expression that says he is thrilled by it. *scratching my head*

I was able to view this video, and I heard Hwanhee saying ‘gaettongi’…feature=channel. I don’t think this has been translated yet, Dr. J/Lean.

Finally, a camera point-of-view with a better view of Hwanhee during the duet. Thanks sis Miera for a great find from DaumTV! He did look a tad nervous on the early part of the song. Sadly, the video will only play half-way for me. Is there any chance that this video is already up on YT? I would love to see his facial expressions at the end of the song.

Here’s an analisys of Hwany’s acting
credit: Hwany♥Yoby (DCINSIDE)

We saw Hwany looked proud of his wife but…
he was a bit shy when people said that yoby was hot.
I think he was jealous and worried that if Yoby wore those kind of sexy stuff always
he said already that Yoby’s dress was somethig ,
(one of the forumer who had been a huge fan of hwany for long time
who’s nick is Hwanyfan said that dress suits exactly Hwany’s taste in dress!!
and once Brian said in a tv program that Hwany liked sexy glamour type girls. wink.gif ))
A manly guy like Hwany dosen’t like
his girl to be shown sexy before everybody,
probably wants her to be hot only for him.
And Hwany’s counter attack is about to begin!!!
What do yoy think? blush.gif hope you’d like it.”

I wanted to add something on our sister Hwany*Yoby’s analysis for the reason why Hwanhee is too stingy of his compliments. It’s just a theory. Everyone please feel free to refute or add your views.

On almost all occasions Hwanhee always showed his confident “CHIEF” qualities. But he doesn’t want to just throw away compliments in Yobi’s way because he is afraid of losing control. Not sure which he wants to control though. His feelings or Yobi *sigh, if only we can read minds* Probably he thinks complimenting her on everything she does will make her head bigger and become a DIVA to his CHIEF. lol So I guess it is his way of showing a bit of power over her so she would keep working hard to please him. *really so sly of him to do so, right?* Of course, look at how hot Yobi looked for his concert! So I guess it is a brownie point for Hwanhee.

**I have a question though about this clip. In a span of 2 seconds, one of them became too conscious holding hands together… and the next thing I saw Yobi’s holding onto Hwanhee’s wrist, instead.

**Yobi blushed starting from her chest–right after Hwanhee gave her a close inspection…LOL.. I had to watch it at least thrice to confirm my eyes did not deceive me. Here’s a luscious capture. Her chest turned rosy on the third pic…hihihi

Reduced: 56% of original size [ 900 x 230 ] – Click to view full image

Earlier, Penny shared our sister Yoyote‘s analysis on Brian describing Yobi as handsome in front of Hwanhee… First time I heard it was on SGB–the same program where Brian said he will marry Yobi over the the female MC. In the concert, again he described Yobi as ‘not pretty but handsome‘ then said it’s a joke when people laughed. I am a bit concerned and we should let people who may not be aware that being handsome is really a compliment.

We are always told that ‘handsome’ applies to men and women are supposed to be ‘pretty’ these days. But since Jane Austen’s days when a woman is referred to as “handsome”, it really is a compliment. Pretty will just refer to the face and nothing else beyond it . Handsome refers to something grander: someone with a harmony of dignity, gracefulness, elegance. (It does describe Yobi, especially, her stage persona.) A “handsome woman” is far more superior to a “pretty woman” but slightly lesser than beautiful. One can forget about pretty after sometime. While a handsome woman have features that draw one to her. Of course, we can’t describe a younger girl as handsome. It has to be a certain age. I guess 27/28 is a suitable age to call a woman handsome. I know these days only a handful of men will know how to use handsome to describe a woman. And I am sure most women today will not know that ‘handsome’ is superior to pretty and will be offended. So in summary: pretty < handsome < beautiful.

Brian may be close to Yobi and can tease her. And I feel that Brian is really complimenting Yobi and have great regard for her. I just wish he would choose another word or clarify why he thinks Yobi is handsome to non-english speakers–even to Hwanhee. I can’t tell if Hwanhee got offended by it. I have a feeling they both talked about Yobi backstage. *winks* believe me, men are the worst gossip than us, women!

Chickenwing… thank you for the wonderful pics of Brian & Hwanhee’s bday/fan day. I just noticed something in the picture… Hwanhee just can’t stop smiling & there’s a strange sparkle in his eyes that I’ve never seen before in his pics. *grin* please everyone, tell me you’ve noticed it, too.

hi won-won… where can i find the FTTS video where you saw the part the MC joked wanting Brian to marry Yobi? Thanks in advance, sis.

Dr. J/Leann: may i ask clarification on a few parts of ep40
I have also watched Tungtungsubs’ version and found a difference on how two essential parts were translated, so I am a bit confused. It’s just that with these difference it gives an altogether different meaning to Hwanhee’s actions.

1. Yobi was asking husband how she is as a wife:
Tungtung’s version: “I like you, and I think a lot of guys hate me.”

**if he did say that: then husband already expressed or assured Yobi that he ‘likes’ her, twice. (first time was during their first dinner in the hanok, EP36) This time, Yobi didn’t have to hide her face in the rice bowl in embarrassment. She was still embarrassed but she is getting the message now. That’s why she’s hoping to be a real honey in 2009.

2. Hwanhee’s blackroom interview about the last gift–Pooh & family
Tungtung’s version: “… so I inquired something from the producers” ; “I told them to visit Hwayobi’s homepage.” (Producers were persuaded to visit Yobi’s page)

In your sub, it was the producers who persuaded Hwanhee to visit Yobi’s hompy.

*if that’s what is actually said, then Hwanhee had to ask permission to get Yobi another gift that is special for her. And had to think of a way to actually incorporate the event in the scene to make the surprise happen.

– – – COINCIDENCE??? – – –
* did anyone notice that since the first episode they were together, their color choices in clothes are the same? (*shy* i think i must’ve watched the episodes many times to have even noticed this) Both loves black, white, grey, taupe/brown, red, green

** on ep40: Hwanhee’s blackroom interview, one of the things he said is: “I met Hwayobi in 2008.” (im sure more has been said but it went into the pile of edited scenes, grrr) Then in Hwanhee’s concert, Yobi during the talk said: “I met Hwanhee in 2008… and I am working.”

I think both are really aware of each others importance in each other’s life or career in 2008. Hopefully, they’ve thought of each other’s impact too as a potential mate.

(here are my favorite scenes in reflection of Hwanyobi’s relationship progression)

I have many favorite scenes but the most important ones for me are whenever they discuss their relationship. They always do it after dinner at home.
EP25 – Yobi felt that she’s being scolded a lot and asked Hwanhee about it. Husband’s response was: ‘INTEREST’
EP32 – Yobi asked if he hates her. He did not answer, but instead asked Yobi if she’d rather she be sweet-talked, insincerely. Although in the end Hwanhee showed his warm heart by taking down his photo frame which covered their couple pic.
EP35 – Each learned something about each other: Hwanhee discovered Yobi’s big heart. Yobi discovered in her husband’s manliness, the take-charge attitude is a big part of him and that she learned to compromise.
EP37 – Hwanhee revealed over dinner he LIKES her! He’s finally talking. Yobi wanted to know what speed she should use in the relationship.
EP40 – AT LAST! Husband found his wife’s charm. smile.gif

I have not seen a lot of the other couple’s progression in the show. But frankly, if there’s anyone who wanted to see a mature relationship–it’s the HWANYOBI couple. Perhaps it’s their age? or the life-love experiences that both of them went through already which makes them this way? most of all, it’s Yobi who’s always asking for feedback all the time. You can see that she wanted to know if she is making progress. Hwanhee doesn’t want to talk unless prodded in the earlier episodes. Ep 40 at least he did something major to surprise Yobi for a change. Although he is still keeping so much in his heart.

Here’s my favorite shoe moment too of ep40 smile.gif

– – – WISH LIST – – –
I have thought of a wish list so suddenly.  Many things that I hope they can do together, etc. Here’s mine.
1. someday, a transcript of the interviews of their honeymoon/100days photoshoot. I want the honeymoon, esp. because I feel there were so many important conversation that was cut.

2. Make them sing together in an MV… I want another duet from them. I tried making them sing careless whisper together using their videos, but windows movie maker won’t let me save my videofile for some reason. (is it a coincidence that Yobi had the duet with Hwanhee right after he sang, “Careless Whisper”?)

3. dance Sexy Back together in WGM or in a concert.  (Did you see the video of Hwanhee dancing to sexy back & Yobi’s… she’s Hawt!)


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