Yobi’s interview for ‘Arena’ Magazine

17 Jan

Posted/ Translated by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 90/ Post #1792

This is Yoby’s interview for magazine ‘Arena’
I just translated the important parts which she mentioned Wgm And Hwany.
You’ll love this.Cheers,lovelies


I don’t know if I’m popular, but It is true that after Wgm those little fellows
who feel comfortable with me had increased in numbers (laugh)
Why did I join to WGM?
Honestly it’s very difficult to appeal only with music in these days
It’s true that to appear at a TV Show is a great way of publicity.
I think it dosen’t seem bad that people’s interest in me could convert their interest in my music,
Make them listen my music is all matters


If we are real couple? Puhaha,what a problem!
3 days after this interview there’s a WGM recording .
After saying this it will be really embarrasing to see him his face I think
Hwany is a very serious(dignified) person
with objective eyes he is a fine man.he is prudent not flippant as others,
he’s the type of man a woman wants to rely on
Of course there’s some scripted points in WGM but almost every situation is real.
While many camaras are recording us
something we have got inside naturally comes out

After eating something delicious in a restaurant I always cook
that food at home and my food tastes really the same
I think I have got good sense to cook(laugh),but I never use artificial condiments
Every ingredients has it’s natural flavor,I cook based on that
If I cooked with some artificial condiments I never say that’s my food

Bad men? are always the winners(laugh)
If there”s a man without any crack woman always desire to find
some crack in him.that’s woman’s psychology
That’s why always the bad men are more attractive
A manly man is the most attractive
Me? more than half of the men I met was bad man,
They were not sentimental at all very cold with woman.
The result? I had fought to death with them,yes
I don’t want fight anymore.(laugh)


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