Episode 41 Musing

18 Jan

Posted by Chello
Soompi page 91/ Post #1819

ah, so tonight’s episode was the concert episode. i guess i could be more disappointed, but i’m actually feeling alright – maybe because i try not to read too much into HwanYobi these days. not good for the heart!  After my experience with the AlShin couple, i’ve learned my lesson! LOL.

i think as much as we would love to see something special [read: LOVE] blossom between these two, the reality is that once a couple’s run on WGM has ended they are more likely go their separate ways and back to what they were doing before rather than hook up [though YAY! if that did happen!]. i think Hwanhee and Yobi have been very fortunate because their common line of work and music genre has actually allowed them to participate more in each other’s lives via concerts and duets. i think it’s fantastic that they got to share the stage at the FTTS concert, even if it was a WGM mission. since their collaborations in music have proved to be successful so far, let’s hope they keep the professional relationship going and feature each other on their respective albums in the future!

as far as scripted-ness is concerned, i guess it would have been wonderful if they attended each other’s concerts out of their own accord, but honestly – MBC would have been nuts not to capitalise on having something on their concerts. so i guess yes, it’s scripted, but at the same time WGM is really a huge benefit for thei respective careers – even Yobi said that in her Arena interview. and while there is script, i think their interactions are natural, and they really do bounce well off each other. it’s a great meeting of personalities.

and at the end of the day, WGM is a variety show – meant to entertain us! so let’s just enjoy the ride while it lasts. remember, scripted or not we’ve all had the touching moments, the giggles, the laughter, the special moments, the goosebumps – so let’s just keep enjoying HwanYobi while we can. after all, they are what make our Sunday nights something to really look forward to every week!

cheer up everyone, after 3 weeks, WGM is finally back!


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