Episode 41 Summary

18 Jan

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 91/ Post #1810

On a good note…i think their scene was a bit longer today and yups it was the CONCERT episode…and after a long while not watching them, i guessed I was just appreciating to watch them back on screen. Yobi looks gorgeous and Hwany as charming as always….how can we actually survive 3 weeks without them ?

What I’ve summarized below is based on what I SEE and heard randomly . Please if there are any lovelies that can enlighten us on today’s epi.

Part 1
Yobi was at the hanok looking for her missing hubby who went jogging at the playground in RED HOT tracksuits. Yobi gosh she is really glowing and Va va voooom. She texted her hubby and met him at the playground. Love…their playful interaction. They received the CONCERT MISSION here and hubby had a SPECIAL MISSION (Yobi was not informed of this). They have to sing a duet and Hwany’s special mission is to appear at her concert.

Part 2
They went back to the Hanok and had to choose and rehearse a song. Hwany playfully teased Yobi when she was saying e title of an english song. That was cute. They were rehearsing and was embarassed to look at each other and trying to find the right angle not to laugh at each other and they ended up wearing animal masks..hehe.

WGM showed them rehearsing the songs outside of WGM…on a good note they really did/ have to meet to rehearse the song.

Part 3
HH leaving his concert to run off to Yobi’s concert. On stage, Yobi looked startled when the light went out and a wedding march was played. Then, there was hubby walking out with his sleazy eyes looking at his wife. Yobi was really surprised and grabbed Hwanhee’s hands. The fans want him to sing but the caring wife told the fans that he will be having concert tomorrow…and the fans requested for them to HUG and yups THEY DID….. At least we do get to see the hugging scene hehe that has been missing in the thin air….

Part 4
Yobi went to HH concert….gosh she looked damn hawt. Yeshhh Brian was there at their “dressing tent” but just a glimpse of him . HH was there too and as usual with his playful manner when he talks to Yobi. Then…the duet and the talk part that we’ve seen countless time..haven’t we ?

For this episode….I like their playful interaction and though we might be disappointed knowing that the duet and the appearance were WGM MISSIONS. But our couple genuine presence and their “playful and warmth” chemistry that our couple have…we can’t deny right ?


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