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18 Jan

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 91/ Post #1808

Sometimes things won’t go according to plan, but thankfully, this post will finally come out from the dark… sisters something to read to help pass the time while waiting for ep41.

X-files and Edited Senes
I have always wondered about the cut scenes of every Hwanyobi episodes I have watched since episode 25. It was my fervent wish to be able to know what scenes they were. But here I am so many days after reading Yobi and Hwanhee’s X-files and my head’s still reeling deliriously, there’s just a million thoughts to express but not sure which one I should share here. … lol and I can ramble on and on. Reading the text of their blackroom interview has been a very unsettling experience for me. It revealed so much more than what I expected–and they’re only for episodes Ep 31/32. I think I should switch to drinking calming herbal tea while our couple is on the show. lol The stakes went higher since episode 31/32—what could they be expressing now in the blackroom interviews? Gah! another X-file might turn-up one day…I want to be prepared!

Sis Madegpop, Miera, Won-Won, lilshortnancy, Chello, carribeane already provided their wonderful views about the x-files and I couldn’t agree with them more on everything they said.

I am thankful the PD exercised prudence and did not air the scenes where Hwanhee was ‘hateful’ (according to Yobi) because of the traffic jam, and the make-up scene. Hwanhee would’ve been crucified then for mistreating a woman. Also, I agree about Yobi’s old (mermaid) video and her interview regarding her past. To use those as material for the show is too personal. (note: I like it so much that Hwanhee researching about her ) And I guess even the Oppa scene, too, because of the interview responses given by Yobi and Hwanhee. It’s okey to appear jealous, but not if it implies the wife is having an affair. On the other hand just like everyone else, I would have loved to see the massage scene because it’s the most natural thing for a wife to do to her husband. Unless the massage scene looked a bit… racy for tv perhaps? haha *me and my thoughts*

There was one point by Chello which I wish to talk about in great detail: that from the start Hwanhee is being true to the personality he shows in WGM. I thought about it too. If we have given Yobi credit for being consistent, what about him? Being blunt and cold are part of his personality. Yobi thinks he is a bad boy. Is he really? Using the hero master archetypes as my pattern, it appears he is more of a ‘Chief’ than a Bad Boy. (I mentioned this in my post a few pages back)

Quoting from the book*, the Chief is described as “the leader… He is a man who seizes control whenever possible or one who has had to fight for everything… active, dynamic and strong-willed… he expects people to line up and follow his directives unquestioningly… appears unemotional and harsh, but this is absolutely not true. This guy has a protective side. What is his, he keeps…he is unsympathetic…would rather lead than communicate…lack tolerance for mistake… And as a chief he has this need to control his environment and demand respect… etc.” (I wish I can share more details, but it’s 5 pages long  , if you want a copy just PM me). What he revealed on the show through his actions, his thoughts based on the interviews (even the edited interview) his manliness is certainly more a chief than a bad boy.

Examples that I can point to support this are: Ep25) He thought his ‘magician concept’ portrait expresses “I’m the boss” pose; in Yobi’s interview she mentioned with his display of heavy atmospheric clothing, she felt like she was a child called to the prinicipal’s office (haha.. oh I have to watch the episode again). Ep29) Hwanhee said his competitive spirit came out during the ant tour. They won all the couple competitions, except the last one: when he relinquished control to Yobi (poor Yobi did try so hard in the pool and wrestling). During the survival game he displayed very good instincts so again they won. In the interview, Hwanhee did say he felt he was the ‘boss’ in the survival game. Yobi was really pleased and proud that husband is so great at these things. When the ant couple fought he was the first one to intervene and handle the problem. Now we know in ep30 he got upset and blamed Yobi when she got them in a traffic jam, and with the make-up because Yobi hadn’t told him about it. It is difficult for him to express what he feels to Yobi (but is expressing so much in the interview). And if he is expressing anything at all it is when he is teasing or if he wants to teach her something: like not staring upwards when she talks, breathe in between sentences, rolling. I am sure you all can pickup other examples.

Yobi must have met plenty of bad boys before so she immediately cast Hwanhee as one of them. Although our guy may have a tiny bit of a bad boy in him, it is important to know that this man isn’t a bad boy in his core. He may have his flaws but he is someone reliable, protective, does care for his wife. But control is what makes Hwanhee ticks. So I guess that’s why he said in ep40 that in 2008 Yobi became stronger and warned us of his come back to take command again. I am confident though that it will be easier for Yobi to deal with this part of him now. Our girl have great wits and intelligence about her.

We all can see how they suit each other. Hopefully they’ve realized it now (i hope they missed each other in the weeks they were not able to film the show)… *wishing* Until next time sisters.

HwanYobi fighting!

*book: Heroes & Heroines Sixteen Master Archetypes

After reading sis carribeane post: “public opinion as the biggest barriers too any real relationship… ”
Yobi in relation to Hwanhee was mentioned three times during FTTS’ concert, then they had a duet. Hwanhee’s fans made a video for the anniversary-fan day, and Yobi appeared with him on 6 wedding pics + 2 clips from WGM, while the face of the other girl he’s paired with in his older drama appeared only once. Then during the interview, Hwanhee had to identify her as the ‘wife’ (although he added it was for broadcast, hehe)… Are all these happening for a reason? Are they testing waters/gauging fans’ reaction? or making Hwanhee’s fans get used to the idea of Yobi and Hwanhee together?


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