Episode 41 Musing

19 Jan

Posted by lilshOrtnancy
Soompi page 92/ Post #1837

It’s kinda ironic, we’ve been waiting weeks for a new episode and we had it all along in the fancams of their concert. hehehe… except I think the fancams are better since the PD edited so much of their part. If they’re going to have them do a mission to appear at each other’s concert and to perform a song together, they should at least SHOW the ENTIRE thing to the audience dry.gif (but that’s just my beef w/ the PD).

I feel like Hwanyobi is going to get shorter airtime in the next couple of weeks as WGM introduces the new couples. There’s 2 new couples next week for the New Year Special. I hope they’ll split it up into 2 parts instead of cutting the old couples’ airtime shorter and I hope they’ll show us the edited scenes!

Although it was short, but their moments together are always sweet so here are some screencaps. Enjoy~

Hwanyobi Moments in Episode 41

Damn the Mission! We could’ve seen Hwanhee push Yobi on the swings tongue2.gif

Hwanhee pretends to kick Yobi, but she barely flinches and she returns the favor LOL.

LOL! Too cute! Hwanhee got all shy when Yobi looked at him while they were singing blush.gif

They can’t sing while looking at each other w/out laughing so this is their solution…

Yobi was so happy to see her husband, she grabbed his hand! not wrist, but hand!

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

I LOVE Yobi’s expression, so sweet. We all know Hwanhee isn’t the type to do PDA sweatingbullets.gif but he hugged his wife anyways.

This scene was cute.
B: Why are you here? (to Yobi)
Y: Why I can’t be here?
B: Oh, right you guys are married.
hehehe… I keep rewatching this scene.

I LOVE their playfulness. It’s too cute! 


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