Episode 41 Goodie

20 Jan

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 95/ Post #1882

Hi sis,I don’t have much time this week but I really wanted give you a small gift for you all,
it’s a sweet goody.maybe you have noticed maybe not..
but check the video you will realize how lovely is Hwayoby with her Hubby.
Hidden goody in Ep 41.


After they got mission they came home to choose their duet song,right?
They decided to sing In Love With You
and sang together to see if they worked in harmony.
That moment Hwany almost steal a glance but Yoby saw him too  then they started laughing when they were looking at each other.


So they arranged not to laugh and to make sure of that
they decide to watch specific part while they were singing.
Hwany decide to watch Yobys forehead ,


Hwany asked Yoby to watch his forehead
but Yoby said not because she could see his eyes.
All settled they started to practice,


When Hwany tried to look at Yoby’s forehead,
Yoby became playful she moves her head to make Hwany follow her movement.
She was very lovely.
Ooops I don’t know if I was clear,
but this moment definatly was very sweet.

and another thing is… it seemed Yoby had got some kind of injury in her right hand
wile recordig WGm house Guest Ep.Humm what could have happened?
When they were practicing together at the music studio Yoby’s right hand is bandaged.
check it..see you all and cheers.

P.S After watching this ep subbed you all must have realized once more how sweet they are together,
they are very professional at the same time very sincere and loyal to each other,cheers!!


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